Traducción de flight deck en Español:

flight deck

cabina de mando, n.


  • 1

    (on plane)
    cabina de mando femenino
    • Though cramped and confined, at least the flight deck is a room with a view - of sorts.
    • The aircraft has state-of-the-art flight deck, avionics and navigation equipment.
    • On September 11 from the flight deck of United Airlines Flight 93, this was the voice of Ziad Jarrah.
    • RAAF pilots will not assume both seats on the flight deck until the aircraft is accepted and operated by the Air Force in 2006.
    • The aircraft is equipped with an in-flight refuelling probe mounted above and behind the flight deck.
    • The unpressurised nosewheel bay is below the flight deck.
    • Working in the flight deck of an aircraft involves dangers to one's health.
    • I was delighted to discover it has a control panel similar to the flight deck of an airliner, and the ability to massage almost every muscle in the body.
    • The flight deck is designed for two-pilot operation.
    • These could easily light up the flight deck of an aircraft with startling results to the crew.
    • The pilots took turns sleeping in the two bunks behind the flight deck.
    • The flight deck is fitted with dual controls for the pilot and copilot.
    • The flight deck is fitted with two Martin-Baker crashworthy seats.
    • From the driver's seat to the the flight deck: avionics makers adopt auto technology.
    • The flight deck has seven full colour liquid crystal displays.
    • I turned toward the flight deck, bent and saw George give me the thumbs-up.
    • The helicopter is flown by a crew of three: the pilot and the copilot at the flight deck and one crew member in the cabin.
    • I looked about the cabin, felt the vibrations of the old girl, watched the flight deck and how the pilots worked the great wheels on the yokes.
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    (on aircraft carrier)
    cubierta de vuelo femenino
    • Norwegian troops fast-roped on to the flight deck of the Norwegian exercise flagship Andenes from a Royal Navy Lynx.
    • What do you get if you have some sailors, measuring tape, pen and paper, and a bit of an aircraft carrier flight deck?
    • While it was fun for many to move from the lower deck to the flight deck, for several others it provided moments they would never forget.
    • Two starboard lifts carry the aircraft from the hangar to the flight deck.
    • The royal party watched a dynamic display of aerial and aquatic action from the flight deck of aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal.
    • The ensuing search-especially during evening hours on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier-makes the task even more unpleasant.
    • He thinks about the fact that he works in one of the most dangerous places in the world, the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.
    • At 0445 the flight deck was dimly lit, the Australian White Ensign illuminated as sailors and soldiers fell in for the dawn service.
    • The royal Navy has launched another fleet - one which will let you ride in a Sea Harrier or land a Merlin helicopter on the flight deck of a frigate!
    • The ship's company put in a sterling effort lifting the water from the tank deck to the flight deck for the water shuttle.
    • Four people suffered minor injures when a crane toppled on to the flight deck of aircraft carrier HMS Invincible.
    • The 27m flight deck at the stern of the ship has a landing grid equipped with a RAST system.
    • The ship has a flight deck at the stern with a single landing spot for the helicopter.
    • The ships Sea King flight also remained busy, with two aircraft operating from her flight deck or helipads ashore.
    • Was it that excessive power was used to taxi on the flight deck or that an aircraft was directed too close to another?
    • The helicopter was used to capture images of the ship as it pushed through the water as well as the military helicopters landing and taking off from the flight deck.
    • It has a flight deck, stern gate, a well deck that can ballast down to launch landing craft and a vast vehicle stowage area for AAAVs, trucks or tanks.
    • When ordered to man our aircraft, we found the flight deck wet with spray and very windy.
    • This year's presentation took place on the flight deck of the 8,400 tonne amphibious landing ship then alongside Fleet Base East.
    • She and her three sisters have a large stern internal docking area to enable landing craft to load up, and a large flight deck area to operate all types of Royal Navy, RAF and Army helicopters.