Traducción de flinch en Español:


estremecerse, v.

Pronunciación /flɪn(t)ʃ//ˈflɪn(t)ʃ/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    she bore the pain without flinching aguantó el dolor sin (re)chistar
    • As the bubbles struck his body, he flinched in severe pain.
    • I moved my bare toes slightly on the ground and flinched at the pain.
    • She didn't notice how he flinched at her touch, almost as if it pained him.
    • At the quick movement, Steele flinched instinctively and was wide awake.
    • He flexed tired fingers and massaged his arm, then flinched at a twinge of pain in his chest.
    • Though he had steeled himself against the reaction, Raylf knew he still flinched at the tone.
    • This was a little disappointing considering the state of modern discreet body armour which could stop most rifle rounds without flinching.
    • She only flinched at his words as she realized that her worst fear had come true, she had been kidnapped.
    • Dawn flinched at the pain but attempted to ignore it.
    • A hand was extended to meet his grubby palm, he flinched at the sudden movement.
    • ‘The owner says I'm the only girl who can eat a whole one without flinching,’ Cleaveland said proudly.
    • I flinched at the unanticipated pain that surfaced suddenly.
    • Raine flinched at his voice, her body tensing even more.
    • He softly brushed over the gash in my face, I flinched at the pain.
    • A machine exists which can find and grab slugs, without flinching, and work is in progress on an electricity generator which runs on slug flesh, which the robot would be able to stoke up and then plug into for refuelling.
    • Boy Gets Girl stares without flinching at the destruction of a woman's life, in a world where the innocent aren't guaranteed safety or security - and no one can do a thing about it.
    • ‘Richard and I have an extremely close relationship, and he's an absolutely fantastic boss,’ he says without flinching.
    • Without flinching, the Carlow contingent were on their feet, screaming and shouting in the sort of unbridled joy that's utterly oblivious to everything else.
    • I watched as Christian-Zachery flinched at the sharp pain of the open cut.
    • I flinched at my own doing and actually feared that I was going to leave my handprints on his perfect face.
  • 2

    to flinch from-ing resistirse a + inf
    • to flinch from sth
    • he never flinched from his duty nunca dejó de cumplir con su obligación por desagradable que fuera