Traducción de flippant en Español:


frívolo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈflɪp(ə)nt//ˈflɪpənt/


  • 1

    (remark) frívolo
    (remark) poco serio
    (attitude) displicente
    (attitude) indiferente
    he was very flippant about his mother's illness/losing his job se tomaba la enfermedad de su madre/lo de perder el trabajo muy a la ligera
    • The latter two chapter titles are too flippant for the serious situations they describe.
    • Even Owen, usually with such a flippant attitude about everything, had raised his eyebrows.
    • For some, his work is too dark to be humorous, for others it is too flippant to be serious.
    • Millar is no stranger to the flippant remark, and he does not specify exactly what he might deliver.
    • Now I have to go and intimidate Mr Mills for a while as payback for his flippant remark.
    • James Mason was not a man prone to wild hyperbole or flippant remarks.
    • Zach flailed against the cuffs, his rage escalating at her flippant attitude.
    • I could wear Armani suits and make flippant remarks in the House of Commons.
    • My boss was very supportive and saw the same flippant attitude I did when she spoke to them.
    • When I'm with her, I feel like it's okay to be studious or stupid, serious or flippant.
    • For a minute, I saw a smirk rise to his lips, and I thought he'd make some flippant remark.
    • Though it may seem flippant to say so, she's certainly damaged enough to be a star.
    • However, I do not wish to address all of contemporary arts with my flippant remarks.
    • This flippant remark pinpoints an essential truth: Mae West was a woman who lived as if she were a man.
    • Groucho Marx's flippant remark about the inability of any photograph to capture his inner beauty is profoundly insightful.
    • He was irritated by Rob's flippant comments and attitude and wondered why Rob continued to bait him.
    • In the end the flippant attitude to the lack of car parking will have disastrous consequences for businesses in Skipton.
    • Lyle believes there are effective ways to put across a serious message without being flippant.
    • Behind the flippant name hides a serious message about religious ignorance.
    • Shaidanna rolled her eyes, suddenly realizing where Galen had picked up his flippant attitude.