Traducción de float en Español:


flotar, v.

Pronunciación /fləʊt//floʊt/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(on water)

      oil floats on water el aceite flota en el agua
      • debris had floated up (to the surface) from the wreck habían salido a flote restos del naufragio
      • the logs floated downstream los maderos bajaban flotando por el río
      • he taught me to float (on my back) me enseñó a hacer la plancha
      • the canoe floated away on the tide la marea se llevó la canoa
      • In nature, mussels start life as microscopic larvae floating near the surface of the sea.
      • Dead roach have shown up at several locations around the shores of both lake and can also be seen floating on the lake surface at different locations.
      • After floating near the surface for a few days, the raft sinks to the sea floor and the eggs hatch far away from their parents.
      • On their way to the scene the divers had discovered the body of a man floating near the slipway.
      • He was floating just below the surface and the family initially thought he was joking then they realised that something was wrong.
      • Although they float freely on the water surface, they are treated as emergent weeds.
      • His boat was found unmanned and floating near Templenoe with the engine at full throttle.
      • It was discovered floating near a weir opposite the Nicholls Brasseries at 7.15 am.
      • The man, stripped of clothes, is floating near a patch of reeds.
      • His body was discovered on April 22 floating in the sea near Bournemouth pier.
      • The weed does not stick to the bottom; it floats on the surface and moves with the direction of the wind.
      • The boat boys' faces became more and more grim and all sorts of debris was floating in the sea.
      • Diced spring onion was floating on the surface of the dark red soup, which was a little pungent.
      • Apparently it takes three days to float down the river to the coast.
      • Eight years later, fishermen on Prince Edward Island spotted a box floating near the shore.
      • The ponds were quiet with only white feathers floating on the surface or sticking to one's shoes.
      • It was freshly squeezed, with a wild orchid or gardenia floating on its surface.
      • As he headed down the fairway, revelling in his skillful shot, he noticed something floating on the surface of the pond.
      • She turned around, blonde hair floating gently in the water.
      • A lone survivor was found in a life raft floating aimlessly in the ocean.

    • 1.2

      (smoke/cloud) flotar en el aire
      a feather floated past on the breeze una pluma pasó flotando en la brisa
      • There was a handful of fluffy clouds floating lazily across the sky.
      • My mother's voice floated up the stairs, informing us that desert was on the table.
      • Once airborne, balloons just float with the wind.
      • It drifted down from the heavens, little white nothings floating across your windows, settling on lamp-posts and windshields.
      • She watched as the white clouds slowly floated by in the sky and gave a sigh.
      • Once safely over the French coastline, he simply pulled his parachute ripcord and floated gently to the ground on a clifftop near Calais.
      • But I did notice when a voice came floating down from the stairs, a voice I knew only too well.
      • Michael's voice floated up the stairs before she could lie down again.
      • Dad's voice floated up the stairs, disturbing our secret rendezvous.
      • There is no music floating up the stairs, no sound of splashing water, no tendril of cigarette smoke snaking its delicate way towards the bed.
      • Feathers float upward from the pit and hang in the air.
      • A warm breeze floated through the open window onto my face.
      • I heard the front door slam violently and excited shouts float up the stairs.
      • During my traffic-filled commute to work this morning, I gazed up over the sky of downtown and noticed a giant blimp floating about over the buildings.
      • Usually it was the clouds floating slowly past the window that would catch my eye.
      • Finally, though, he drifted off, lulled by the noises that floated through his newly open window.
      • The train hooted and a cloud of sooty dust floated past the window.
      • A bitter smell floated into the room from the open door.
      • David ignored him and busied himself with the clouds floating slowly by.
      • Clouds floated slowly across the sky, and the occasional bird skimmed across above her.

    • 1.3(move lightly)

      (image/idea) vagar
      I felt I was floating on air me sentí en el séptimo cielo / (como flotando) en las nubes
      • As a counter to a lot of misinformation floating about, the company offers nine reasons to be skeptical of press reports about medical breakthroughs.
      • There are rumors floating around the internet that you are his concubine.
      • We did not need a bunch of rumors floating around concerning what had happened.
      • ‘It is an idea that is floating about at the moment, but I wouldn't put it any stronger than that,’ he added.
      • I believe that political life would be greatly improved if the ideas floating around it were informed by imagination and open minds.
      • A couple of hot rumors have been floating about involving Golden State.
      • A rumor is floating about that the businessman is getting ready to waste millions again in a futile attempt to become governor, but that's relevant only to the coyotes who will take his money.

  • 2

    (currency) flotar
    • An initially more painful, but eventually more efficient mechanism for dealing with economic shock and inflation is to float a currency if it is pegged.
    • He will need to muster all his not inconsiderable sales skills to help float the company at a time when stock markets are in the doldrums.
    • The White House says the president will again urge the premier to take steps to float China's currency.
    • The internet banking service will be floated on the stock exchange.
    • And, if his plans work, he says he would be happy to float his business on the stock market in the future.
    • He can expect to make a killing when the Life Energy Corporation is floated on the Nasdaq in September.
    • The option of floating the company on the stock market is unlikely to be used.
    • The US has led calls for China to adjust or float its currency, with US industry arguing that the low rate is responsible for job losses.
    • The instability of the rupee and the decision to float the currency highlight the country's underlying economic and political crisis.
    • When the gold standard was abandoned around 1971, currencies had been floated against each other to measure their worth in the global scenario.
    • Uruguay floated its currency late last month following a run on banks and a plunge in foreign reserves.
    • Indeed, if the currency were floated, it might well decline as Chinese convert their domestic currency holdings into dollars.
    • The President has ruled out floating his country's currency.
    • China abandoned its policy of pegging the yuan to the US dollar, but didn't go all the way to floating it freely.
    • For these two reasons - raising capital and releasing equity in the business - the directors may decide to float their company on the stock market.
    • Since then most countries have floated their currencies, which have no intrinsic commodity value.
    • The losses reflected the costs of setting up and floating the website company as well as the cost of internet broadcasting.
    • The market should decide the value of currencies, according to this view, and the correct exchange policy was to float the national currency.
    • In 1999, the company was floated on the stock exchange and her wealth was briefly estimated at over a billion dollars.
    • ‘It is just not possible to float companies of this size, let alone in the IT sector,’ he said.
    • The budget airline was floated on the stock market in 1997 and since 1998 some 10 million share options have been awarded to workers.
    • He denounced the government's decision to float Venezuela's currency, the bolivar, and to cut next year's budget.
    • The pressure by the U.S. government for China to float its currency will last only as long as it favors politically influential interests.
    • And even if China were to float its currency, it likely would do no better than slow the export of jobs to China.
    • Congressional leaders want China to float its currency on the open market to help adjust what they consider artificially low prices for Chinese goods.
    • The company was floated on the Nasdaq stock market in November 1997.
    • Just over a year ago, few would have dared to float a retail business in Hong Kong.
    • He regularly spoke of floating the company for a valuation of over €200 million.
    • The chaos since Argentina floated its currency was due not to floating but to the conditions that had been created before the floating began.
    • A central part of the reform process was to privatize many of the nationalized industries through floating the companies on the stock market.
    • Alternatively, investors can hold on to the warrant until the company is floated or sold.
    • Mr Johnson began stalking the restaurant chain in 1990 and eventually floated the company on the London Stock Exchange in 1993.
    • It's not even clear if floating China's currency would result in a stronger yuan.
    • In an atmosphere of crisis, he rammed through a series of policy coups, including floating the currency and removing interest rate controls.
    • The second consequence was that many fortunes were made by university academics when their embryonic companies were floated on the stock market.
    • However, the interim steps do not involve any concrete moves toward floating the yuan on global currency markets.
    • She is not certain she wants to float the company, but hints at a possible buyout or merger in the future.
    • The company was floated on the AIM in June, 2001.
    • The president will remain under pressure to encourage Beijing to float its currency, currently pegged to the dollar, which experts argue makes imports artificially cheap.
    • They're talking of floating the company on the stock market in the next few months.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (boat/ship) poner a flote
    (ship/boat) sacar a flote
  • 2

    (logs/raft) llevar
    (logs/raft) arrastrar
    the waves floated the seaweed ashore las olas llevaron / arrastraron las algas hasta la orilla
  • 3

    to float a company lanzar una compañía a Bolsa
    • a week after the company had been floated ... una semana después de que la compañía fuera lanzada a bolsa ...
  • 4

    (offer for sale)
    (shares/stock/bonds) emitir
  • 5

    (allow to fluctuate)
    (currency) dejar flotar
  • 6

    (rumor) hacer correr
    (proposal/idea) presentar
    a figure of $3m was floated se sugirió una cifra de 3 millones de dólares


  • 1

    (for fishing)
    flotador masculino
  • 2

    (in cistern, carburetor)
    flotador masculino
    boya femenino
  • 3

    (raft, platform)
    plataforma (flotante) femenino
  • 4

    (for buoyancy)
    flotador masculino
  • 5

    (in parade)
    carroza femenino
    carro alegórico masculino Cono Sur México
  • 6milk float

    furgoneta femenino

    del reparto de leche

  • 7

    (ready cash)
    caja chica femenino
    Finanzas Comercio fondo fijo masculino
    a float of £20 20 libras en cambio / en monedas
  • 8EEUU

    refresco o batido con helado

  • 9

    (for plastering)
    llana femenino
    fratás masculino
    fratacho masculino Río de la Plata