Traducción de float en Español:


flotar, v.

Pronunciación /fləʊt//floʊt/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(on water)

      oil floats on water el aceite flota en el agua
      • debris had floated up (to the surface) from the wreck habían salido a flote restos del naufragio
      • the logs floated downstream los maderos bajaban flotando por el río
      • he taught me to float (on my back) me enseñó a hacer la plancha
      • the canoe floated away on the tide la marea se llevó la canoa
      • A lone survivor was found in a life raft floating aimlessly in the ocean.
      • The weed does not stick to the bottom; it floats on the surface and moves with the direction of the wind.
      • Apparently it takes three days to float down the river to the coast.
      • Diced spring onion was floating on the surface of the dark red soup, which was a little pungent.
      • She turned around, blonde hair floating gently in the water.
      • In nature, mussels start life as microscopic larvae floating near the surface of the sea.
      • The ponds were quiet with only white feathers floating on the surface or sticking to one's shoes.
      • It was discovered floating near a weir opposite the Nicholls Brasseries at 7.15 am.
      • The man, stripped of clothes, is floating near a patch of reeds.
      • It was freshly squeezed, with a wild orchid or gardenia floating on its surface.
      • Eight years later, fishermen on Prince Edward Island spotted a box floating near the shore.
      • Although they float freely on the water surface, they are treated as emergent weeds.
      • After floating near the surface for a few days, the raft sinks to the sea floor and the eggs hatch far away from their parents.
      • He was floating just below the surface and the family initially thought he was joking then they realised that something was wrong.
      • On their way to the scene the divers had discovered the body of a man floating near the slipway.
      • As he headed down the fairway, revelling in his skillful shot, he noticed something floating on the surface of the pond.
      • His body was discovered on April 22 floating in the sea near Bournemouth pier.
      • Dead roach have shown up at several locations around the shores of both lake and can also be seen floating on the lake surface at different locations.
      • His boat was found unmanned and floating near Templenoe with the engine at full throttle.
      • The boat boys' faces became more and more grim and all sorts of debris was floating in the sea.

    • 1.2

      (smoke/cloud) flotar en el aire
      a feather floated past on the breeze una pluma pasó flotando en la brisa
      • There is no music floating up the stairs, no sound of splashing water, no tendril of cigarette smoke snaking its delicate way towards the bed.
      • Finally, though, he drifted off, lulled by the noises that floated through his newly open window.
      • It drifted down from the heavens, little white nothings floating across your windows, settling on lamp-posts and windshields.
      • Dad's voice floated up the stairs, disturbing our secret rendezvous.
      • Usually it was the clouds floating slowly past the window that would catch my eye.
      • A warm breeze floated through the open window onto my face.
      • Michael's voice floated up the stairs before she could lie down again.
      • During my traffic-filled commute to work this morning, I gazed up over the sky of downtown and noticed a giant blimp floating about over the buildings.
      • Once airborne, balloons just float with the wind.
      • There was a handful of fluffy clouds floating lazily across the sky.
      • The train hooted and a cloud of sooty dust floated past the window.
      • Feathers float upward from the pit and hang in the air.
      • Once safely over the French coastline, he simply pulled his parachute ripcord and floated gently to the ground on a clifftop near Calais.
      • She watched as the white clouds slowly floated by in the sky and gave a sigh.
      • A bitter smell floated into the room from the open door.
      • David ignored him and busied himself with the clouds floating slowly by.
      • I heard the front door slam violently and excited shouts float up the stairs.
      • But I did notice when a voice came floating down from the stairs, a voice I knew only too well.
      • Clouds floated slowly across the sky, and the occasional bird skimmed across above her.
      • My mother's voice floated up the stairs, informing us that desert was on the table.

    • 1.3(move lightly)

      (image/idea) vagar
      I felt I was floating on air me sentí en el séptimo cielo / (como flotando) en las nubes
      • As a counter to a lot of misinformation floating about, the company offers nine reasons to be skeptical of press reports about medical breakthroughs.
      • A rumor is floating about that the businessman is getting ready to waste millions again in a futile attempt to become governor, but that's relevant only to the coyotes who will take his money.
      • A couple of hot rumors have been floating about involving Golden State.
      • ‘It is an idea that is floating about at the moment, but I wouldn't put it any stronger than that,’ he added.
      • There are rumors floating around the internet that you are his concubine.
      • I believe that political life would be greatly improved if the ideas floating around it were informed by imagination and open minds.
      • We did not need a bunch of rumors floating around concerning what had happened.

  • 2

    (currency) flotar
    • The losses reflected the costs of setting up and floating the website company as well as the cost of internet broadcasting.
    • The chaos since Argentina floated its currency was due not to floating but to the conditions that had been created before the floating began.
    • Indeed, if the currency were floated, it might well decline as Chinese convert their domestic currency holdings into dollars.
    • The US has led calls for China to adjust or float its currency, with US industry arguing that the low rate is responsible for job losses.
    • Since then most countries have floated their currencies, which have no intrinsic commodity value.
    • Alternatively, investors can hold on to the warrant until the company is floated or sold.
    • He can expect to make a killing when the Life Energy Corporation is floated on the Nasdaq in September.
    • And, if his plans work, he says he would be happy to float his business on the stock market in the future.
    • Uruguay floated its currency late last month following a run on banks and a plunge in foreign reserves.
    • Just over a year ago, few would have dared to float a retail business in Hong Kong.
    • The White House says the president will again urge the premier to take steps to float China's currency.
    • For these two reasons - raising capital and releasing equity in the business - the directors may decide to float their company on the stock market.
    • Mr Johnson began stalking the restaurant chain in 1990 and eventually floated the company on the London Stock Exchange in 1993.
    • They're talking of floating the company on the stock market in the next few months.
    • In 1999, the company was floated on the stock exchange and her wealth was briefly estimated at over a billion dollars.
    • However, the interim steps do not involve any concrete moves toward floating the yuan on global currency markets.
    • The company was floated on the Nasdaq stock market in November 1997.
    • In an atmosphere of crisis, he rammed through a series of policy coups, including floating the currency and removing interest rate controls.
    • When the gold standard was abandoned around 1971, currencies had been floated against each other to measure their worth in the global scenario.
    • The market should decide the value of currencies, according to this view, and the correct exchange policy was to float the national currency.
    • The pressure by the U.S. government for China to float its currency will last only as long as it favors politically influential interests.
    • She is not certain she wants to float the company, but hints at a possible buyout or merger in the future.
    • Congressional leaders want China to float its currency on the open market to help adjust what they consider artificially low prices for Chinese goods.
    • He will need to muster all his not inconsiderable sales skills to help float the company at a time when stock markets are in the doldrums.
    • The instability of the rupee and the decision to float the currency highlight the country's underlying economic and political crisis.
    • He regularly spoke of floating the company for a valuation of over €200 million.
    • The option of floating the company on the stock market is unlikely to be used.
    • An initially more painful, but eventually more efficient mechanism for dealing with economic shock and inflation is to float a currency if it is pegged.
    • The President has ruled out floating his country's currency.
    • The president will remain under pressure to encourage Beijing to float its currency, currently pegged to the dollar, which experts argue makes imports artificially cheap.
    • He denounced the government's decision to float Venezuela's currency, the bolivar, and to cut next year's budget.
    • It's not even clear if floating China's currency would result in a stronger yuan.
    • The budget airline was floated on the stock market in 1997 and since 1998 some 10 million share options have been awarded to workers.
    • A central part of the reform process was to privatize many of the nationalized industries through floating the companies on the stock market.
    • ‘It is just not possible to float companies of this size, let alone in the IT sector,’ he said.
    • And even if China were to float its currency, it likely would do no better than slow the export of jobs to China.
    • The company was floated on the AIM in June, 2001.
    • The second consequence was that many fortunes were made by university academics when their embryonic companies were floated on the stock market.
    • China abandoned its policy of pegging the yuan to the US dollar, but didn't go all the way to floating it freely.
    • The internet banking service will be floated on the stock exchange.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (boat/ship) poner a flote
      (ship/boat) sacar a flote
      • The metal's surface tension is great enough to permit a steel needle to be floated on its surface.
      • Topping up casks of wine is essential in order to stop the wine turning into vinegar; alternatively, a layer of olive oil can be floated on the surface of the wine.
      • This introduces a lot of fine air bubbles into the effluent, floating the algal matter to the surface to be skimmed off.
      • The bow doors would open, allowing the cargo of tanks, armoured cars, bulldozers or lorries to drive off, and the LST would then wait for the flood tide to float it off again.
      • They were concerned that the buoyant forces of the concrete against the bottom forms would float the drains out of position.

    • 1.2

      (logs/raft) llevar
      (raft/logs) arrastrar
      the waves floated the seaweed ashore las olas llevaron / arrastraron las algas hasta la orilla

  • 2

    • 2.1(establish)

      to float a company lanzar una compañía a Bolsa
      • a week after the company had been floated … una semana después de que la compañía se cotizara por primera vez en bolsa …

    • 2.2Finanzas
      (offer for sale)

      (stock/shares/bonds) emitir

    • 2.3Finanzas
      (allow to fluctuate)

      (currency) dejar flotar

  • 3

    (rumor) hacer correr
    (proposal/idea) presentar
    a figure of $3m was floated se sugirió una cifra de 3 millones de dólares
    • The US Treasury Secretary is also floating the same idea.
    • He has floated the idea that parents should be fined or jailed for failing to stop their children's criminal behaviour.
    • Followers of city politics will be surprised to learn that York council is floating the idea of a congestion charge.
    • Spain has floated the idea of increasing the vote required for ministers taking decisions in councils.
    • And an idea floated by the Housing Authority to build housing across the border in southern China was pulled back soon after it was made.
    • The Geraldton Yacht Club has floated plans to move its premises to the Batavia Coast Marina.
    • The Home Office Minister has floated the idea of setting up a part-time police force in North Yorkshire to fight crime in rural areas.
    • As would be expected, irreverent ideas were constantly floated.
    • One idea being floated by traffic police involves placing silhouettes at the roadside, marking locations where people have died.
    • Since floating the idea in Germany earlier this week he has refused to give details of how it would work.
    • He also floated the idea of convoking a Grand National Assembly in order to change the constitution.
    • A similar idea was floated in March this year by Southampton Test MP Alan Whitehead following an energy summit held in the city last year.
    • After floating the idea at the last town partnership meeting, the support was so strong a working party has already been formed to put the event together.
    • I floated an idea past my year 11 class today, that if they do their homework they will get an A, no matter what else happens.
    • Two years ago the Scoliosis Association approached him to become a patron of the charity, and floated the idea for this exhibition.
    • Many ideas were floated and agreed upon and the challenge is now to work out the finer details of implementing the ideas.
    • The BBC report is amusing, because it floats the idea that maybe people should be charged for the bandwidth they use - hey, maybe metered internet time could be the future?
    • He floated the idea of raising the amount of money taxpayers must earn before they're subjected to the top marginal tax rate.
    • A leaked Downing Street report last week floated the idea of a ‘fat tax’ on unhealthy food targeting full-fat milk, cheese and butter.
    • After floating the idea to Glenn, a friend she had met while performing at a theatre in Woking, the two decided to give it a go and put on a show at a friend of a friend's house to try it out.
    • Controversial plans to allow voters to veto inflation-busting council tax rises were floated yesterday by an ex-Labour Cabinet Minister.


  • 1

    • 1.1(for fishing)

      flotador masculino
      • Further downstream, Alex and George were enjoying similar success trotting their floats down a sumptuous stream.
      • Fishing floats have always been irresistible bounty for beachcombers.
      • He gave me a rod and showed me how to put the bait on, taught me how to cast the bait in the water and told me to watch the float.
      • They use beam and otter trawls or fine filament nylon driftnets, a form of gear used in the open ocean, suspended in the water by floats like a curtain.
      • I fished next to Milo Colombo, the chap that makes the Milo pole floats.
      • In my opinion the best way to attach the float to the line is with a swivel attached to a short length of power gum.
      • These floats hold plenty of weight but remain sensitive to bites in fast flowing water.
      • For general river fishing you may want more deep drawer space for things like swimfeeders and big floats.
      • Next week I'll tell you about the new pole floats I have designed.
      • Once the hard work is done it's easy to fish to a baited area from the bank or to sit in the boat and fish it with a float.
      • One big advantage of fishing above the dam is that it is still water and offers the opportunity to fish with a float.
      • Pat and I believe that it is the float impacting too deeply that scares fish rather than the splash factor.
      • Through an elaborate maze of nets suspended by floats, fish are channelled into captivity.
      • Then my float shot under and I was into a fish that was too heavy to be a chub.
      • The same pole float was used with a size 14 hook.
      • I then noticed that I was getting very shy bites that were barely moving the float.
      • First priority when fishing in this way is to get the right floats for the job.
      • These weights have a hole or holes bored into them and help, with the aid of buoyant floats, keep the net vertical in the water and fished as a gill or seine net.
      • Personally, I get a lot of satisfaction out of making my own floats and catching fish using them.
      • Eventually the many rings were threaded, the float attached, shotted and the hook tied on.
      • On that day, the three rods with the floats produced most of the fish.
      • The next day I decided to fish with the same tackle but set the float shallow.
      • From time to time one of those floats is bobbing up and down in the water or has been pulled just under the surface and that's when Mr. Catfish is on the line.
      • After a couple of minutes the bread was gone, but I'd been engrossed in watching the float so couldn't decide whether the fish ate the bread or it had sunk or washed away.

    • 1.2(in cistern, carburetor)

      flotador masculino
      boya femenino
      • Mount the float valve in your reservoir of water at about the level you want the water (the float is adjustable so placement doesn't have to be perfect).
      • The most common type of bilge pump switch uses a pivoted float to sense water level.
      • Install warning floats in the pump chamber so water use can be stopped if the pump fails.
      • A pump in each pond recirculates water through a filter; a float hooked to a water line and spigot automatically adjusts the water level of each.
      • A sump pump is simply a water pump with an on/off switch activated by a float.
      • When the float rises to a preset limit it shuts off the incoming water, and the flushing cycle is complete and ready for another sequence.
      • I described the symptoms, and Arv said it could possibly be a blocked exhaust stock or a stuck carburetor float.
      • Commercially available structures offer either stacked flashboard risers or floats to adjust this water level.
      • Contraptions are available that maintain constant water level in the stand, working on the principle of a commode float.

    • 1.3(raft, platform)

      plataforma (flotante) femenino
      • There are many prizes on offer including best float, best commercial float, best band and best original float.
      • Today, the New York City parade is the biggest in the country, with an average of 75 floats and 150,000 participants.
      • There were many colourful floats, bands and a large number of groups of marchers.
      • People on the floats tossed candy to the children along the route.
      • Organiser Jane Flood said everyone had helped in making the costumes and decorating the float.
      • Memories of wartime Britain were evoked for some with a float called The Land Girls and there was a gardening theme for a number of floats.
      • There will be 40 floats in tomorrow's procession, accompanied by marching bands, majorettes and cheerleaders.
      • The road parade this Saturday will feature around 25 classic cars and floats.
      • The President will lead a parade of more than 10,000 people and dozens of floats back to the White House.
      • While some rode on decorated floats, others paraded in flamboyant costumes.
      • Delighted crowds cheered on a spectacular carnival of colourful floats and bands on Saturday.
      • A colourful procession of floats through the town was the beginning of a weekend's fun at Dartford's annual festival.
      • Spectators were six-deep on the streets with revellers eager to get a good view of the parade of carnival floats.
      • All business outlets are invited to support the parade by entering a float.
      • Crowds soaked up the glorious weather as colourful floats, marionettes, a brass band, classic cars and a fire engine wound their way through the town.
      • The southbound carriage way will be closed to traffic from 8.30 in the morning to enable floats to assemble on the off side lanes.
      • The committee is also organising a float for the Easter Parade through the town.
      • I do understand there are water guns on some floats in the parade and retaliation from the spectators can be expected.
      • The sun smiled down on the bands, dancers, street performers and floats winding their way through streets lined with crowds in buoyant spirits.
      • The sun also came out as the procession of floats wound its way to the carnival field and then paraded through the town on Saturday.

    • 1.4(for buoyancy)

      flotador masculino

  • 2

    • 2.1(in parade)

      carroza femenino
      carro alegórico masculino México Cono Sur

    • 2.2milk floatBritish

      (del reparto de leche) furgoneta femenino

  • 3

    (ready cash)
    caja chica femenino
    Comercio Finanzas fondo fijo masculino
    a float of £20 20 libras en cambio / en monedas
    • Police are considering robbery as a possible motive because a float of hundreds of pounds was missing.
    • But as he returned to the taxi, he saw a man trying to steal money from the cash float.
    • When the driver got out to adjust it, the group stole his till float containing £25 and slammed his hand in the driver's cab door.
    • Are Brighton's beggars now carrying a float so they can give out change to people like me?
  • 4EEUU

    refresco o batido con helado
  • 5

    (for plastering)
    llana femenino
    fratás masculino
    fratacho masculino Río de la Plata
    • I climbed the ladder with my float, trowel and plaster and reached upwards towards the missing section of my ceiling.
    • Cover the tiles with grout using a rubber-bottom float or a sponge and wipe on a diagonal.
    • Push the grout diagonally across the tile with the float tilted at a 45-degree angle.
    • The easiest way to apply grout is with a rubber-faced float or a squeegee, although you can do it with your finger and a large sponge.
    • Among the simplest is a somewhat rough but uniform surface achieved by tooling the finish coat with a sponge float or brush.