Traducción de floating voter en Español:

floating voter

votante indeciso, n.



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    votante indeciso
    • David admits he's a floating voter who will make up his mind on how to vote nearer the time.
    • This was one of those matches that doesn't have a huge appeal to the floating voters of sport.
    • Asked to compare their ideal party to a type of drink and a sport, floating voters in one poll opted for red wine and football.
    • His aim has been to say as little as possible, so as not to give his party a character which floating voters could object to.
    • This election has revealed many alienated voters, who see the party machines robbing them of their franchise in favour of the minority floating voters in the marginal seats who can and do decide the outcome of elections.
    • He claimed a poll commissioned by Help The Aged showed that 54 per cent of floating voters said the issue would help sway their vote.
    • Election features include BBC Southern Counties Radio following the opinions of a panel of floating voters and an election soap opera at BBC Radio Leicester.
    • That may attract floating voters, but the core issues are what win elections.
    • The prime minister appeals less to Labour activists than to floating voters.
    • Twenty years ago, 70% voted either Conservative or Labour and the floating voters were the minority.
    • It holds great appeal, not just for the Republican Party's voter base, but also for the countless floating voters of Middle America.
    • In the last general election I wasn't quite a floating voter, despite wavering.
    • In particular, the parties are interested in those voters in the marginal constituencies who are likely to switch parties - the floating voters.
    • Nobody seems to have told him that the floating voters - who win and lose elections - do not like that sort of thing.
    • The third key factor in the decision of the floating voters was the image of the parties themselves.
    • I'm not a member of the conservative party, I'm a floating voter.
    • The Labour Party is an electoral-machine and as such chases the votes of floating voters in middle England.
    • Where once 20 per cent of the electorate were considered floating voters, now 80 per cent are.
    • If the roses and pledge cards were designed to appeal to middle-class floating voters, the message was essentially one of spending, which didn't appeal to that constituency at all.
    • I am the archetypal floating voter; I really do vote according to what seem to me to be the merits of the case at any one particular time.