Traducción de floor polish en Español:

floor polish

abrillantador para el suelo, n.



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    abrillantador para el suelo masculino
    abrillantador para el piso masculino América Latina
    • I remember going to visit an old lady, the neighbor of one of my aunts, and finding a small apartment that smelled of floor polish, where each little object, even the smallest, was valued.
    • Sudan 1 is a red dye normally used as a colouring in solvents, oils, waxes, petrol, and shoe and floor polish.
    • My wife succinctly described it as a cross between floor polish and urine.
    • Although investigations are continuing, police say the fire could have been caused by white spirits that leaked during the production of floor polish.
    • The scents of smoke, fried food, spilled liquor and floor polish combined into a unique aroma that permeated the building.
    • Phenol, a suspected cancer-causing agent, is found in floor polish and in many disinfectants.
    • It was the floor polish which I smelled somewhere which I cannot now remember which is funny as the smell itself brought back many details about a place I used to visit with my parents in the 70s.
    • The factory manager said the company would be launching a new range of products which include floor polish and detergent paste.
    • There is a particular smell, a compound, I think, of floor polish and burnt egg, which I shall forever associate with boarding school.
    • It was exactly the same smell as there used to be in the ante-room to our Biology lab at middle school, a hint of floor polish with overtones of formaldehyde.
    • Their preliminary conclusion is that the fire and subsequent explosion may have started when white spirits spilled onto the floor near a gas burner, used for heating chemicals in the production of floor polish.
    • Other products which may contain Sudan 1 include solvents, oils, waxes, petrol and shoe and floor polish.
    • The picture vanished, replaced by an advert for floor polish.
    • Nothing, but nothing - no image, no taste, no scent of cabbage and floor polish - can whisk you back like the popular music from the time when popular music was written just for you.
    • Asphalt is the main material used for building roads, and waxes are used in such products as floor polish and to coat milk cartons.
    • Both had stupendously good design on the boxes, which was a welcome relief from the unremittingly banal nature of most modern cigarette packaging, which seem to aim for the visual ingenuity of floor polish containers.
    • Hospitals and nursing homes smelt strongly of ether or chloroform which was used for anaesthetics, of disinfectant, or of floor polish.