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flor, n.

Pronunciación /ˈflaʊə//ˈflaʊ(ə)r/


  • 1

    • 1.1(blossom)

      flor femenino
      no flowers by request se ruega no enviar ofrendas florales
      • to be in flower estar en flor
      • flower shop florería
      • The people in charge of arranging such operations know full well that dandelions come into flower at much the same time as our daffodils and then take over as the daffodils fade away.
      • Bulbs planted late in winter come into flower in early summer.
      • While outside, I noticed that several spring plants are already well advanced and coming into flower.
      • Nor are cherries the only plants bursting into flower; camellia, iris, lotus and mustard flowers are abundant.
      • And every summer the threat to livestock increases as the plant comes into flower in its millions.
      • Tubers were harvested on August 17, just as the plants were coming into flower and before the tubers were fully mature.
      • Like many other giants, they are also wonderful to watch through the season as they keep on growing and then come into flower when more growth would seem impossible.
      • Because the protective coating needs time to break down, it takes longer to germinate than petunia seed in its natural state and, in consequence, comes into flower later.
      • It has far outlasted the bowls of hyacinth and narcissi that came into flower at the same time.
      • It is a wonderful sight throughout the summer months as the different species come into flower.
      • Although it germinates in May along with everything else, it seldom comes into flower before September, and if the weather is cold and wet it may not come into flower at all.
      • Different types of jasmine come into flower and turn your evenings magical.
      • Previous year's efforts are paying dividends - many plants that we had planted and given up on have finally come into flower.
      • I am going to try lifting and transplanting some now, before they come into flower.
      • Be kind to the trees and they will bloom into flower for you and attract a flock of honeysuckers and a swarm of bees.
      • The daffodils seem to have gone over very quickly whilst spring bulbs like bluebells and wood anemones are rushing into flower.
      • By the end of October or early November they will be back into flower.
      • We are into the fourth month of the year, evenings are longer and the warm week we had after Easter has seen blossom trees coming into flower and potted plants in need of regular watering.
      • Like the rest of the plants in this group, it comes into flower just as the large Rosa mundi, which blooms wonderfully once in June, has faded.
      • The wood bursts into flower, one last miracle after a lifetime of miracles.

    • 1.2(plant)

      flor femenino
      before noun flower garden jardín (de flores) masculino
      • Closed flowers were stripped of sepals, petals and anthers just prior to stigma maturity.
      • Males produce only staminate flowers with stamens and no vestigial pistils.
      • The pistil and the stamen of the flowers are the specialized organs responsible for the reproductive processes.
      • The phenology index was calculated as the proportion of flowers with dehiscent stamens.
      • Ethylene production from whole flowers, petals, and the gynoecium (ovary plus styles) was examined at a given time of senescence.
      • Pistillate flowers are polymorphic for dehiscence and sepal number.
      • At your feet you may see Dianella, a low growing plant which has white flowers with three petals.
      • Anthers were isolated from flowers at anthesis and pollen grains were collected.
      • As for calculation of the selfing rate, self-pollination was with pollen from other flowers of the same plant.
      • The bisexual flowers generally consist of carpels and staminodes inserted on the same whorl.
      • These cells may then become a new branch, or perhaps on a flower become petals and stamens.
      • I didn't see anything but green plants, brightly coloured flowers, and brown earth.
      • The sun poured gently down onto a flat stone, surrounded by brightly coloured flowers.
      • These plants have pale yellow flowers with five petals and are insect pollinated.
      • Even the number of petals on a flower can change after leaf removal.
      • Unisexual flowers with three white petals produce numerous stamens or carpels and both present floral nectar.
      • Though you might not guess it by looking at them, they are flowering plants, producing numerous tiny flowers without showy petals.
      • In the field the plants displayed many flowers at full anthesis.
      • Rose petals, lavender flowers, mint leaves and many other parts of plants are made into tea.
      • Beetles did not move to unopened flowers as long as petals were covered by sepals.

  • 2literario

    (finest part)
    the flower of the nation/army la flor y nata del país/ejército
    • he died in the flower of his youth murió en la flor de la edad / de la juventud / de la vida
    • But Shanley is simply the flower of the sexual libertinism that our culture advocates in a million voices.
    • ‘Of course I would forgive you, you are my youngest daughter, the flower of our family,’ Christiana cried.
    • However, through no fault of the weapons designers, France did indeed send the flower of her youth off to war in August of 1914 armed with the obsolete Lebel M1886 - M93.
    • It certainly is an evocative month for visiting Flanders, where the flower of European youth died in a morass of mud and blood in the First World War.
    • First up to bat, then, is the flower of the British press, the Sun, which claims to have identified the intern in question and talked to her parents.
    • No-one had been so consistently maniacal throughout the entire tournament or spilt more blood as he single-handedly destroyed the flower of Britain's youth.
    • For the resurrection of this Isis, the Simphonie du Marais spared no effort, bringing together some excellent players and the flower of French Baroque singing.
    • From a country with only 3.5 million people, the troops - the flower of Albania's youth - represent the best Albania has to offer.
    • The Croats were defeated and left the flower of their nobility on the field.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    florear Chile México
  • 2flowering pres p

    (plant/tree/shrub) que da flores
    a summer-/spring-flowering plant una planta que florece en verano/primavera
    • flowering maple abutilón
  • 3

    (reach maturity)
    alcanzar la plenitud formal