Traducción de flower power en Español:

flower power


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    el poder de la paz y el amor
    • Historians will be rambling on about the hippie movement and the summer of love and flower power, and all that stuff, for decades to come.
    • How could we battle the biggest trend to hit the nation since flower power when we didn't have the power of hit music to back it up?
    • In much the same way, he says, the peak of the U.S. Baby Boom occurred in the late 1960s, when flower power and numerous social and political movements thrived.
    • As flower power wilted and the Seventies took hold of America's collective consciousness in the real world, the beach became increasingly dangerous territory on the big screen.
    • It harks back to a time when love was free, flower power was king, flares were the order of the day, and people felt a little bit more chilled out about themselves.