Traducción de flume en Español:


tubo, n.

Pronunciación /flum//fluːm/


  • 1

    tubo masculino
    • Video recordings were made of the overhead view of fish swimming in a re-circulating flume at 10 deg C across of range of steady swimming speeds.
    • We believe that sugar managers had the technology to measure the weight of cut cane that individual harvesters brought to the railhead or flume.
    • Wave transformation and sediment mobilization processes are difficult to understand and predict in a laboratory flume, under controlled conditions, without obstructions.
    • Back at the block operation, trays are lifted out of the brine tank and the cheese is herded into another flume, which takes the blocks through the washer for a rinse-off before packaging.
    • The flume recirculates both water and sediment in order to provide a continuous supply of heterogeneous sand particles under steady flow conditions during the course of each experiment.
    • Others have used the endurance of fish swimming steadily at a given speed in a flume or a gantry tank to measure maximum sustainable swimming performance.
    • Indeed this assumption is made when inducing microturbulent flow to create a rectilinear flow profile in flumes.
    • According to Pearl, Pennoyer constructed a flume that carried stream water to the site for washing out and screening crystals.
    • Often the animals were placed in water flumes and required to swim continuously against a current generated by a pump.