Traducción de flushed en Español:


colorado, adj.

Pronunciación /flʌʃt//fləʃt/


  • 1

    (face/cheeks) colorado
    (face/cheeks) rojo
    flushed with fever/anger rojo por la fiebre/de ira
    • flushed with success/joy exaltado por el éxito/la alegría
    • She thought about his flushed face, his gleaming eyes, his handsome build, his passionate words.
    • Her face was so flushed she couldn't speak.
    • He opened the car door for Amanda and decided her flushed cheeks and bright smile meant the night was a success.
    • A little later than usual, he arrived, freshly showered and a little flushed from exercise.
    • Her face felt hot and flushed, and she was certain that everyone could read her thoughts and see directly into her heart.
    • Turning around, she looked at my flushed face with dismay.
    • At last she came rushing in, looking breathless and flushed.
    • The angry, flushed face contrasted to the bright, light coloured walls of the large, minimal room.
    • The first signs of heat exhaustion for children are when they become flushed, crabby, and don't feel well.
    • Charles and Jane both flushed as they exchanged a glance, embarrassed at being seen through so easily.
    • I knew tears and flushed cheeks were on their way.
    • I felt my flushed cheek with my hand.
    • Rita was calm under pressure, never looking flushed or hassled.
    • Mr. Eastman was, obviously, very anxious, and his face appeared flushed as he prepared to lift the cloth.
    • Your hands may tingle or feel numb, and you might feel flushed or chilled.
    • Her face had turned from a quiet serene to a flushed surprise.
    • Darcy remained steadfastly silent, his countenance unusually flushed.
    • Even at such a moment he was not unable to notice how pretty she looked, with a flushed face and shining eyes.
    • His reference intensified the hue of her flushed cheeks.
    • She was pulling weeds on her knees, her face sweaty and flushed beneath her floppy sun bonnet.