Traducción de fluster en Español:


poner nervioso, v.

Pronunciación /ˈflʌstə//ˈfləstər/

verbo transitivo

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    poner nervioso
    to get flustered ponerse nervioso
    • I fell out of the car and told him he'd have to back it into the back stage space as I was too flustered.
    • If I diverted to my notes on the table beside me, he would know he had flustered me.
    • He is flustered and tells her she can take everything but the rented jewels she is wearing.
    • He practically threw the pouch back into the safe and Kate was sorry she'd flustered him.
    • The prince was rather flustered, his mind swirling as he tried to decide who would be his bride.
    • These flustered women actually turned a calm and sorted situation into a tense one.
    • I was flustered - having just come off an airplane - and I went to the powder room.
    • Thankfully, Frank Dent leapt to his rescue and restrained the wild, flustered woman.
    • When I go into my bank nowadays, I am flustered by the range of activities and services being discreetly pushed at me.
    • I was so flustered that all I did was nod and he pushed me into the woods and we made out like crazy.
    • Kate looked slightly flustered by the direct question, and Sam took pity on her and helped her out.
    • Why was this man - her boss - so intent on flustering her?
    • He was flustered for a moment and resumed his stare at what appeared to be the clouds.
    • When the robot stood in the bower, the male exercised a cautious, rather subdued display - wooing carefully to avoid flustering the prospective mate.
    • I got flustered by his comment and closed my phone before he could say another word.
    • The camera zoomed in on my flushed face near the end of my stint, just as I was flustered over the pronunciation of Alloa.
    • There had been one flustered man who asked where the john was, but that was all.
    • Defenses often choose to blitz Roethlisberger in hopes of flustering him, but that tactic isn't always effective.
    • It looked as if she had found a very flustered Adam and had proceeded to drape herself all over him.
    • The old book merely sat and waited for the clearly flustered young woman to gather her wits.


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    to be/get in a fluster estar/ponerse nervioso
    • he got in a terrible fluster se puso nerviosísimo
    • there was a terrible fluster in the office when … hubo gran agitación / conmoción en la oficina cuando …
    • After a minute, faking fluster and fanning down her ardour, the lady managed a ‘Monsieur!’
    • Betty went behind the bar with a fluster of agitation.
    • My friend Mouse had got so many tickets they cost (wait for it) £750 and he had rung me in something of a last minute fluster with one going spare.
    • Brandon walked by, in a fluster, and dropped a note onto Joshua's tray.
    • Peters waited and then, in a fluster, excused himself from his superiors and left.
    • Her fluster taken out of her by his kind words, Ral was only able to stare up at him, her crystal blue eyes searching for any malice that he might have.
    • The reason behind Julia's fluster was the numerous killer smiles, accidental caresses she got from Jeff.
    • So, as iconic as Marilyn Monroe and Madonna may be, York men are more likely to get themselves into a fluster over Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta Jones.
    • The hurry and scurry of airports, the deceits and disputes of hotels, the fluster of trains and taxis - he was beyond it all.
    • Perhaps it was the occasion that got to them, but their option-taking, their shooting, their general fluster in the opening half, cost them many a score, at both ends of the field.
    • In Internet parlance, the baby-faced de Jong is a newby, and he's not hiding the fact with his overly earnest fluster following his unceremonious deflowering.
    • The red-hot favourite got in a real fluster on his way down to the start and Philip Robinson had to wrestle the reins to keep him under control.
    • In a fluster she ran into the bathroom and tried to flush the dirty magazine down the toilet, but it only caused it to clog and overflow water all over the just washed bathroom floor.
    • I guess I must have fallen asleep because the last thing I remember was lying down on my bed staring up at the ceiling in an angry fluster.
    • Casey snapped out of her little daydream and answered in a fluster.
    • A tinge of red prevailed his cheeks, a sign of his fluster.
    • The new year came and went without the usual fluster and bustle of activity.
    • Rose would scold her about ruining her frock, Bethamy would be in a fluster about how unsafe it was and Elizabeth would want her to come down before they had a fight about it.
    • His playing of Sarah the Cook - ruddy of cheek, in need of a fashion makeover from Trinny and Susannah - is full of pathos, mock shock and motherly fluster and concern.
    • Accept the fluster of lost door keys, the hour badly spent.