Traducción de flutter en Español:


revolotear, v.

Pronunciación /ˈflʌtə//ˈflədər/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (bird/butterfly) revolotear
    the bird fluttered away el pájaro se alejó aleteando
    • I found him sitting under the large oak in the centre of the garden staring at the birds fluttering about in among the flowers.
    • The butterflies that were fluttering around the flowers quickly left the area and an eerie silence filled the clearing.
    • Butterflies fluttered thistle to thistle and flat fields stretched to low horizons but south, a mile away, the Wolds rise sharply.
    • Even as a tiny butterfly fluttering about in your garden is a breath-taking sight, imagine scores of them thronging a place in the city's vicinity!
    • Blue and white butterflies fluttered to and fro, and small furry forest creatures scurried about.
    • It tumbled at first, then caught the air in its frail wings and fluttered away, a spot of gold and emerald in the grim alleyway.
    • No, I don't believe that if a butterfly flutters its wings in Washington, D.C. it will cause a typhoon in New Zealand.
    • A rather beautiful yellow butterfly has just fluttered by the window.
    • We say: ‘The bird will try to flutter its wings, and it will fall and die.’
    • It fluttered its wings and made crooning noises.
    • Looking out on the front lawn, I saw some birds fluttering around some food scraps.
    • Tiny winged creatures flutter about, causing the children to duck and wave their arms.
    • The voices thinned down and receded slowly, the owl fluttered its wings and took off from the tamarind tree.
    • Everywhere around them colorful birds fluttered their wings, and the sound of flutes filled the air.
    • Its blare sent birds fluttering from the branches of the live oak that overhung the gate, making the Spanish moss sway as if it were alive.
    • The hapless bird fluttered and flapped around the astonished patrons whilst desperately trying to gain its freedom.
    • My voice raised to a screech that sent a few birds fluttering into the air.
    • A pure cold moth landed on Peter's lips and fluttered there for a second.
    • Slowly, he unfolded his hands and a bright red, blue and purple butterfly fluttered its wings.
    • The bird began to sing still more melodically, and then fluttered its wings and flew from its branch.
    • The ostrich walked up and down the aisle during the ceremony fluttering its wide-open wings all the while as if it were blessing the couple.
    • As a last-ditch effort they initiate very unpredictable movements, fluttering their wings irregularly so that they tumble around in the sky, making them a difficult target to catch.
    • Birds fluttered lightly from one tree to the next.
    • It twitched and fluttered its wings at him as if it was annoyed.
    • Birds fluttered by, and I think there were even some butterflies.
    • An owl fluttered its wings and both Heidi and I jumped out of fright.
    • A pigeon had mistakenly fluttered inside the pub and was flapping in some women's faces.
    • The birds fluttered next to berry clusters while plucking fruits, sometimes landing on boughs to eat directly.
    • Even when Madeleine had brought her home a week ago and taken a Polaroid of her, she had fluttered her wings, but in a gentle way.
    • The sun's rays came though the trees and the birds were fluttering around.
    • They seem to be fluttering their wings and might fly away any moment.
    • A moth slowly fluttered in an erratic circle around her, dancing jovially.
    • Shadows fluttered against the sunset as a few late birds fluttered to their roosts in the trees.
    • I stared back, and the great black bird fluttered its wings.
    • He would whistle whenever he wanted its presence and obediently it would flutter its wings to its owner's shoulders.
  • 2

    (flag) ondear
    (flag) agitarse
    (foliage) agitarse
    the papers/leaves fluttered to the floor los papeles/las hojas cayeron revoloteando al suelo
    • The sky was blanketed in dark gray clouds and a light snow fluttered to Earth.
    • We went onto the deck and watched giant flakes of ash flutter to the ground.
    • She was beginning to stir, her long lashes fluttering against her cheeks.
    • His eyes fluttered against the light of his surroundings, still trying to adjust to the brightness of the world around him.
    • She finally saw him, leaning against the railing, hair fluttering in the light breeze.
    • His blue shirt fluttered in the light wind from above.
    • Gauzy pale blue curtains hang over the windows and flutter in the breeze.
    • A huge cloth banner flutters between two trees, proclaiming the group's name: Red Cloud Thunder.
    • A white piece of paper fluttered down to the floor.
    • As she moved in to the living room she saw the curtains fluttering softly in the breeze.
    • Rhea's eyes fluttered for a moment before flickering open.
    • The window was open and the check curtains were fluttering in the light breeze coming in off the water.
    • Bella's head was bent over her folded hands, and her hair fluttered gently in a sudden wind.
    • A half-mast Union Flag fluttered gently in the spring wind behind them.
    • At London's St Paul's Cathedral, 3,000 white rose petals fluttered down from the dome one for each victim who died.
    • They fluttered down, the petals cascading around the guests and the royal family, causing a gorgeous and divine sight.
    • The flag fluttered silently on the bow and groups of ducks parted gracefully to let us pass.
    • She dropped the paper as it fluttered softly to the ground.
    • They were sitting on a bench in the garden, as snowflakes fluttered from the sky.
    • Let us see all those flags fluttering again.
    • In his excitement, he didn't see the small envelope flutter to the ground.
    • The reason is obvious, as out of the envelope there flutters a torn scrap of paper on which he had put 24 kisses.
    • He moved in slow motion, dark cloak fluttering with each deliberate step.
    • He touched Jeff's name slightly, then let the page flutter to the floor.
  • 3

    (person) dar vueltas
    (person) ir y venir
    (person) revolotear
    • Children, teenagers and adults flutter to the local courts in search of enjoyment and exercise.
    • No longer were prospective mates fluttering round him at every turn.
    • While she was fluttering around her office, giving me my schedule and a school map, she shouted out little bits of advice and suggestions for classes.
    • Women fluttered among buzzing auto-rickshaws and brake-screeching scooters.
    • Clear as day he sees the scribes fluttering around him with wings of ink; each brush against the walls leaves a searing paragraph.
    • William fluttered around him, trying to pull the other boy to the mistletoe next to the windows.
    • Children fluttered around, overwhelmed by the sights around them.
    • The nurses were already fluttering around her, busy preparing for the arrival of the future heir.
    • ‘Babe,’ she cooed fluttering over to Liam and wrapping her arms around his neck.
    • She vamps and coos and then is swept into a back room to change into the next fab outfit, assistants fluttering on every side of her.
    • Ashley and her friends fluttered between their two suites at the Hotel Casa Del Mar, getting ready for a night out.
  • 4

    (heart) latir con fuerza
    (heart) palpitar con fuerza
    • I felt my heart flutter in my chest as butterflies stirred in my stomach.
    • Most people have experienced these occasional, brief irregular heartbeats that feel like a skipped, fluttering or racing heartbeat.
    • He could see, from the corner of his eye, the pulses fluttering in their throats.
    • She smiled to herself, just seeing him like that made her heart flutter!
    • Anna bent down to press her lips to the point on his neck where the pulse fluttered.
    • It settled my nervous fluttering heart beat, which settled to a slightly quicker-then-normal, but less uncomfortable pace.
    • His fingers closed around one slender wrist, groping, and discovered a feeble, fluttering pulse.
    • My heart began to flutter so badly I dropped them on the floor.
    • Almost instantaneously her heart began to flutter as she saw him kneel down beside a poor, hungry little boy and hand him a hot muffin.
    • Devon felt his heart flutter in his chest.
    • Like a big, goofy lug, Jerry gave the biggest smile ever, and his heart began to flutter with anxiety.
    • Several of the assassins were still alive, if barely, and their heartbeats fluttered as their lives ebbed slowly away.
    • Rob's heart began to flutter as he saw the spark of recognition on the young chieftain's face.
    • His heart fluttered nervously, but he kept his eyes on the road.
    • The squeamish may feel their pulses flutter at times, but the geeky, the prurient, and the gothic will find much to savor.
    • My heart was now fluttering, my pulse quickening.
    • The faint rhythm of a pulse finally fluttered beneath my fingertips.
    • Pressed up against her, Aelex could feel the fluttering heartbeat.
    • All do precisely what's expected of them yet fail to really set the pulse fluttering.
    • But there is only one sure-fire way to send pulses racing and hearts fluttering, and that's alcohol.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (wings) batir
    (wings) sacudir
    (handkerchief) agitar


  • 1

    no plural flutter (of wings) revoloteo (de alas) masculino
    • Now alone in the courtyard except for a comatose cat, Ariela's thoughts turn to the past two years and how her life changed in the flutter of a wing.
    • One flutter of those eyelashes and waiters are throwing themselves at her feet.
    • Lost in her thoughts, she missed the light flutter of eyelids from the body on the bed.
    • A flutter of black wings, and it was gone from its perch of observation.
    • Katarinka changed into her old smock in a flutter of fabric, leaving her new one in her mother's lap as she whirled out the door.
    • It wasn't really a kiss, more like a flutter of butterfly wings.
    • The girl in the center moved with such a rhythm, her feet touched the pavement in a flutter.
    • With a flutter of his wings and a low, rasping call, a male hoopoe lands at the rim of the nest cavity, holding a small caterpillar in his curved bill.
    • It is said that a simple flutter of a butterfly's wings could cause a typhoon halfway around the world…
    • Last man standing, Tony hears the flutter of pigeon wings and has time for one last cry before rushing off into the protection of some nearby bushes.
    • But Robyn could detect no movement other than the occasional gentle flutter of leaves on the trees.
    • Only the faint flutter of the nylon wing above me can be heard.
    • She was careful not to turn her head as she heard the flutter of wings behind her.
    • She gets wasted, hitched, and divorced in the girlie flutter of an eyelash.
    • It gave a rapid flutter of its wings, carrying it off the ground.
    • A gawking cry and a sudden flutter of wings were heard.
    • The hard flutter of their wings in the wind is as unmistakable as racehorse hoof beats.
    • I detected a flutter in the movement of his top lip.
    • With a simple flutter of Ama's eyelashes the woman appeared before her.
    • She strode down the runway in a flutter of organza, stopped, twirled, and smiled.
  • 2

    revuelo masculino
    her remarks caused a flutter among the guests sus comentarios causaron un revuelo entre los invitados
    • there was a flutter of excitement in the audience as the star came on hubo un revuelo entre el público cuando apareció la estrella
    • I was (all) in a flutter when I heard the news cuando oí la noticia me puse nerviosa
    • to put sb in a flutter poner nervioso a algn
    • There was a flutter of excitement through the dancefloor when he played a long remix of the Rolling Stone's Paint It Black.
    • Words that inspired generations cause a dyspeptic flutter in some intellectual breasts.
    • TechReview gets all in a flutter about the new range of ‘value’ drives from Maxtor.
    • And was that not a flutter of excitement in her stomach?
    • It's even possible to feel the excitement and flutter in your stomach when you begin contact that you feel when meeting a potential date for the first time!
    • Looking at him, seeing the warmth of his dark eyes, feeling the flutter of nerves, I didn't know why I had ever thought badly of him.
    • A dinosaur-dotty mum, who helped discover a missing link in our past, has been causing a real flutter in the scientific world.
    • I saw him grinning out of the corner of my eye and I got a little flutter of warmth in my stomach.
    • As horrible a character as Amanda was, I could not suppress a flutter at seeing her slink around in that skintight black dress.
    • You can't help but feel a flutter in the stomach every time a big game starts.
    • Cat felt a flutter in the pit of her stomach and instinctively pulled her leg away.
    • She breathed a sigh of relief, and felt her heart give a warm flutter of excitement.
    • He sounded so serious, and a flutter of panic took my heart.
    • Suddenly a flutter of panic started in her stomach and she tried to pull away from her dance partner.
    • Feeling a strange flutter in the pit of my stomach, I looked away.
    • The company's decision to patrol the Net has got you all in a flutter.
    • They carried the flag without a flutter of excitement.
    • A flutter of excitement rolled through her stomach and she broke into a sprint, racing for the gate.
    • That evening I was even more in a flutter than her, although I tried not to show it.
    • The incidents have caused flutters across India.
  • 3Britanico coloquial

    (usually singular) pequeña apuesta femenino
    to have a flutter on the horses probar suerte en las carreras (de caballos)
    • Are you going to have a flutter on this year's Grand National?
    • For a night of light-hearted comedy, Risk Everything is something I would definitely have a flutter on!
    • Currently in Australia, online gambling is mostly confined to wagering, a flutter on the races or sports betting.
    • Any fans who fancy a consolation flutter should opt for 2-to Villarreal as history suggests this fate awaits them at El Madrigal on March 7.
    • Some people enjoy a little flutter, and see gambling as a harmless leisure activity.
    • And although not averse to the odd flutter, he does not bet during meetings.
    • Fancy a big-time flutter in the gambling capital of the world?
    • Fancy a flutter, without the risk of losing your cash?
    • He enjoyed a flutter on the horses and a game of cards.
    • Remember that it's your comfortable retirement you're talking about, not a flutter on the horses.
    • If I was a betting man I would have an each-way flutter on him.
    • Spread betting makes a flutter on the general election more interesting as it's no longer a two horse race, but a prediction of seats won by the party of the punter's choice.
    • Bookies estimate that up to 15 million people, a third of the adult population, will have a flutter on the four-and-a-half mile steeplechase.
    • The occasional flutter on the National Lottery does no real harm to individuals but, as with all gambling, it damages our long-term financial future.
    • Champagne was served before noon to kick-start the day, and a bookmaker was even invited to take bets should anyone fancy a flutter.
    • Patty loved her bingo and a game of 45 and a flutter on the horses.
    • So why not come along and support, have a flutter and enjoy the action of a night out at the dogs.
    • He was estimated to have won £100,000 in his career but his love of a flutter on greyhounds bankrupted him.
    • Many punters in the town had a flutter on Saturday's winner, watched by millions of TV viewers throughout the world.
    • After all, doesn't everyone enjoy a little flutter before an election campaign?
  • 4

    palpitación femenino
    • It is not uncommon for this rhythm to progress into atrial flutter or atrial fibrillation.
    • He insists he is not aware of any heart flutters or whatever to alert him to this problem.
    • Patients should be monitored for an exacerbation of atrial fibrillation or flutter, and for increasing ventricular rates.
    • Digoxin is incapable of converting atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter to a normal sinus rhythm.
    • The study showed that men who express their anger have a 10 percent greater risk than non-hostile men of developing an atrial fibrillation, a heart flutter.
  • 5

    • 5.1Aviación

      vibración femenino
      • In this area he published on the forces on aircraft wings, in particular studying stress and sonic flutter.
      • I found it hard to believe a rudder flutter caused this vibration because it increased or decreased with throttle movements.
      • During his brief test flight, Bullard had experienced an episode of flutter.
      • This was due to an apparent structural weakness, and possible flutter, in the wing spar.
      • The gear problem was quickly corrected but further testing showed that the craft had tail flutter.

    • 5.2Audio Electrónica

      oscilación femenino
      • Wow, flutter and scrape flutter in a recording system, in tiny percentages, can be your friend.
      • Variations in audio playback rate would be discernible as wow and flutter, but slight variations in video playback framerate are not apparent.