Hay 3 traducciones principales de fly en Español

: fly1fly2fly3


volar, v.

Pronunciación /flʌɪ//flaɪ/

verbo intransitivoflies, flown, flying, flew

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (bird/bee) volar
      to fly away/in/out irse/entrar/salir volando
      • the bird flew out of its cage el pájaro se escapó (volando) de la jaula
      • The sun was shining too, and birds and butterflies were flying about.
      • The birds flew from their nests in the trees and insects stopped their chirping.
      • The raptor folds its wings, brings its talons forward, and careens toward the outstretched wings of an unsuspecting bird flying below.
      • Early this year, flowers bloomed ahead of time in spring and migrant birds flew back to the north earlier than usual.
      • Dozens of the dainty white gulls danced over the water, and I saw a Bald Eagle flying in the distance.
      • What was also surprising was the number of insects still flying and giving the birds a good meal.
      • He said the company does have occasional problems with birds flying into power cables but this area was not considered at high risk and no other similar incidents have been reported over the past year.
      • I was woken up this morning at half past five by quite the most enormous bumble bee flying around the bedroom.
      • His eyes wandered slightly towards the windows, seeing several birds fly off into the distance.
      • She was sure he hit one bird because there was a flurry of feathers and a bird flew away.
      • Lynx got up and went to the window, and barely saw a black bird flying off into the distance.
      • If the butterfly can fly free with its wings of iridescent color, gardeners should be allowed to do the same.
      • It interests me for a few seconds until I realise that it is not music but the sound of a billion insects flying down from the mountain.
      • A gaggle of quibblers complain that chickens do fly, albeit short distances.
      • He believes a bird flying over the garden could have dropped a sunflower seed which has now transformed into the large plant.
      • She walked past neat gardens and tidy houses, watching small birds bath in bird baths, insects fly around flowers and people inside their air conditioned houses.
      • North of Fairwater, a few geese fly in the distance.
      • While a person may hop on one foot, it is difficult to envision a bird flying with only one wing.
      • A moth flies by, wings beating slowly as though it were a bird; then a woman, barefoot in a long gown, appears to swim upward in defiance of gravity.
      • In rainy periods, when few insects are flying, the birds switch to ground feeding.

    • 1.2

      (plane/pilot) volar
      (passenger) ir en avión
      we are flying at 8,000m volamos a 8.000m
      • we'll be flying over Rome volaremos sobre / sobrevolaremos Roma
      • she's learning to fly está aprendiendo a volar / a pilotar aviones
      • I'm going to Boston — are you flying? me voy a Boston — ¿vas en avión?
      • to fly in llegar
      • the ambassador is flying in tomorrow el embajador llegará mañana
      • we will be flying into Orly aterrizaremos en Orly
      • to fly out salir
      • he flew (out) from London this morning salió de Londres en avión esta mañana
      • we fly on to Denver tomorrow mañana volamos a / salimos en avión para Denver
      • the jets flew past in formation los jets pasaron volando en formación
      • a nice concept, but will it fly? una idea buena pero ¿funcionará?
      • to fly blind ir a ciegas
      • One aircraft flying from Heathrow to Geneva had to divert into Lyon because bad weather meant it could not land.
      • They said they saw an aircraft flying at a high altitude just before the blast.
      • Then the F - 16 fighter planes flew overhead, which is always impressive.
      • And apart from the noise of helicopters flying overhead, there was no indication, even from a couple of streets away, that there was any trouble.
      • The airplane flew reasonably well despite the temporarily deformed airfoil.
      • Planes burn less fuel at higher altitudes, so pilots often fly at higher altitudes on long flights.
      • Massive concrete walls and a thick concrete roof would ensure that recording sessions would be unaffected even by the noise of a helicopter flying overhead.
      • Air Force jets and police helicopters continued to fly overhead at regular intervals, yet at street level all was unusually quiet.
      • When an airplane is flying, it has a good deal of forward speed and airflow over all of its surfaces.
      • Unfortunately, the fifth aircraft flew into a sand storm and crashed, killing the pilot and mechanic.
      • As the aircraft flew over his house, the engine started to cut out and was sputtering.
      • The aircraft flew to New York and back twice between July 21 and the final takeoff on July 25.
      • After nearly nine months of work, he said that it was very pleasing to see the aircraft flying once again.
      • If anyone stuck in their car looked up, they could see airplanes flying low as they took off from the airport.
      • Several eyewitnesses reported observing the airplane flying over the city prior to the accident.
      • Unbeknown to the pilot, the altimeter had been damaged and the aircraft was flying very low.
      • Then after that we saw 7 airplanes flying around in the sky.
      • In addition, the newer aircraft can fly higher and have a greater range than the older planes.
      • The aircraft flies at altitudes high enough that there is no acoustic footprint.
      • Two helicopters carrying cameras will fly overhead looking down over the stadium and Cardiff city

    • 1.3(float in air)

      (flag) ondear
      (flag) flamear
      with her hair/coat flying in the wind con el pelo/abrigo ondeando al viento
      • In that touching movie, the hero Tristan often rode a horse, his long hair flying in the wind.
      • We've all seen the image of the person on the motorcycle with her hair flying behind her in the wind.
      • Shaking his head back and forth his hair flew everywhere, hand waving at the side of his head as if he smelled something bad.
      • His brown hair flew wildly in the wind, and a smirk played upon his lips.
      • The really nasty bikers are easy to spot; they are the ones with long hair flying briskly in the wind, riding really fast.
      • My hair flew behind me, the wind whistling through each strand.
      • Her long golden brown and auburn hair flew behind her as the wind pushed it back.
      • His eyes shone and his hair was flying wildly in the wind.
      • The flag was flying on the flagpole, meaning that Her Majesty was at home.
      • She sighed dramatically, her silky black hair flying in the wind as she became increasingly frustrated.
      • Her dishevelled hair flew wildly in the wind, framing a bewildered look.
      • Hair flying in the wind, she urged her horse towards the high jump and sailed smoothly over the stacked logs.
      • The wind caressed my face and my hair flew like a cape behind me.
      • The flag flew from the Post Office - at half mast for the death of any important person.
      • A sight she looked, with her wind swept hair flying about her.
      • Tears were forming in her bright blue eyes, her long blonde hair flying in the wind, while walking out to the parking lot.
      • The flag flew from every public building, from every municipal flagpole, and from every structure of consequence in the land.
      • No one partied harder than the people of Bolton, with flags flying patriotically from flagpoles and bunting between the houses.
      • The reception was held in the Manor Court Hotel and the happy couple will reside at Rathnaskillogue where the Kilkenny and Waterford flags have been flying for some weeks.
      • Her black hair flew in the wind and she enjoyed the sheer exhilaration of the ride.
      • On the Capitol flagpole, the Lone Star flies below the American flag, emblem of the few brief years when slaveholding Texas was its own republic.
      • Carried by the elements, the boat comes to life and we ride its bare back, salt spray in our faces, hair flying behind us, gasping with exhilaration.
      • She and Kristina went out into the square and ran around with their hair flying in the wind.
      • Her hair was blowing freely in the wind and her cloak flew behind her, she felt so free when riding like nothing could touch her and she could do as she pleased.
      • Her hair flew haphazardly behind her as her horse raced against the wind.
      • My hair was flying in the wind with no absolute direction.

  • 2

    • 2.1(rush)

      (person) correr
      (person) ir volando
      they went flying around the corner/up the steps doblaron la esquina/subieron las escaleras volando
      • I must fly! ¡tengo que salir / irme volando!
      • to fly to sb's rescue/side correr en auxilio/al lado de algn
      • She felt her fingertips flying over the fret board.
      • And they've just put out the second call for our flight, so I must fly…
      • He and I took one look at each other before flying down the stairs.
      • Luke took Hailey's hand in his, and the two hastily flew down the stairs and out of the lighthouse.
      • My fingers were flying over the keyboard, making words and sentences and thoughts.
      • The horse flew smoothly along the ground, her muscles moving in perfect synchronization with each other.
      • She came flying out of the bathroom, hands fumbling to attach a backing to an earring.
      • The postal pipe hugs the curb, rivulets of rain on it trembling every time a package flies along it.
      • Traffic flies along the A19 and too few motorists adjust to the speed restriction imposed at Thormanby.
      • The tank then flew away at a blistering speed.
      • I flew recklessly quickly down the stairs, and ripped my front door open.
      • The book, new to the market, is currently flying off the shelves.
      • Well, I really must fly, darling. Congratulations on your engagement and I shall see you on Saturday night!
      • But she said that the traditional favourite costumes are still flying off the shelves.
      • ‘We get lorries and all sorts flying along, and people do not drive for the conditions of the road at all,’ she said.
      • You'll be flying along, and you come around a corner and the weather's totally different from what you left.
      • I can go into a state of zen-like calm and concentration, while my fingers fly across the keyboard.
      • We too must fly, so stride briskly over the bridge to Boat Of Garten, from where a steam railway plies its way across the moor to Aviemore, giving another magnificent aspect of the mountains.
      • ‘Thank you.’ Claudia stood up. ‘I have to fly! We must get together for dinner soon!’

    • 2.2

      to fly at sb lanzarse sobre algn
      • the dog flew at the intruder's throat el perro se tiró / se lanzó al cuello del intruso

    • 2.3(move, be thrown)

      papers were flying in the wind había papeles volando por el aire
      • my hat flew off se me voló el sombrero
      • the ball/stone flew past me la pelota/piedra pasó volando por mi lado
      • the window flew open la ventana se abrió de golpe
      • the car flew up into the air el coche saltó por los aires
      • insults flew between them se lanzaron una sarta de insultos
      • to make the feathers / fur / sparks fly armar un gran lío
      • and then the feathers really began to fly y entonces sí que se armó la gorda / la de San Quintín
      • I grunted angrily as we clashed swords, sparks flying off in every direction.
      • Thank goodness it's a passive recreation area, which means that no soccer balls will come flying into the chanting crowds as soccer in the park is prohibited.
      • Shards of plastic and even wheels had been sent flying across the street into gardens and hedges.
      • It was a breezy southwesterly gale which caused overflowing dustbins to be sent flying through the masses.
      • The slower rotation speed reduces the chance of the turbine flying out of it's housing.
      • Stomping my feet with anger I was about to turn around and go back inside the house when the ball magically came flying over the fence back to my side again.
      • He was sent flying across the room and slammed into the wall.
      • Errant sparks fly through the air landing on lower branches and underbrush for rapid ignition.
      • The ball flew into the Cubs' dugout, through the door, and into the adjoining bathroom, bouncing into the toilet bowl.
      • "I don't think so, " he said, spittle flying from his mouth.
      • The arrow flew straight to the mark and buried itself into the lion's chest.
      • In fact, the impact was so great she felt herself being sent flying through the air.
      • The windows on nearby buildings exploded, people were thrown back, and cars were sent flying into nearby buildings.
      • Punches were thrown, chairs sent flying, a woman pushed to the floor and spectators in the packed arena sent running for cover, according to reports from the scene.
      • Men and bikes were sent flying into the safety fence, but both managed to walk away.
      • ‘Once they got out on to the streets there was so much debris flying around that you cannot tell what happened to everyone,’ she said.
      • A log on the campfire near us cracked and collapsed, making sparks fly up into the air.
      • A little piece of a pickle came flying out of my mouth and attached itself to his shirt.
      • The farther the ride went, the more speed it picked up and the more things started flying out of the car.
      • Bullets flew in my direction as I dodged behind the stall.

    • 2.4(pass quickly)

      (time) pasar volando
      (time) volar
      the days/weeks have just flown (by) los días/las semanas han pasado volando
      • Another weekend has flown past and Easter is looming up pretty fast again this year.
      • Our five days in Germany's capital city flew along quickly even though the first week of January is more like an extended siesta period for Germans.
      • You'll have so much fun putting a project together that time flies.
      • Those long winters on Lewis must have just flown by.
      • Those long winter nights at the Gert household must absolutely fly by.
      • How the long winter nights must fly by at Chez Blaine.

    • 2.5archaic (flee)

      fly, fly, my lord! ¡escapad, escapad mi señor! arcaico
      • Yet you did not fly from me, nor did I fly from you: we are innocent towards one another in our unfaithfulness.
      • She obtained employment as a servant in several places but was followed up by her husband and uncle, and compelled to fly from one place to another.
      • Regard for you has checked my course towards my leafy home, while duty to my country urges me to fly this place.
      • And now Edward, in his turn, was compelled to fly from the country, and to take refuge with his brother-in-law, the Duke of Burgundy.
      • it was to the English he must have flown for protection, and to them he would naturally have communicated his fears.
      • Beware of telling any one of our existence; or we must fly this land.
      • He was compelled to fly the realm for having murdered a woman with child.
      • This is no time for thanks, Mr. Peters, unless it is to the Lord; you must fly the country, and that at once!
      • These people know of my crime; perhaps they will not fly from me, and will only kill me.
      • Protestants, wherever they could obtain shipping, hasted to fly the country.

  • 3past tense, past participle flied

    (in baseball)
    lanzar un globo
    lanzar un fly
    • With Wakefield up in the pen yet again as Francona burned through his options, Curt Leskanic came in and got Williams to fly to center to end the inning.
    • He was in the outfield when Houston pitcher Bill Greason flew to left.
    • The deciding run, in the fourth inning, came as Crabtree tripled after Longacre fell trying to make the catch and Kurowski flew to right.

verbo transitivoflies, flown, flying, flew

  • 1

    • 1.1(control)

      (balloon/plane/glider) pilotar
      (kite) hacer volar
      (kite) encumbrar Andes
      (kite) remontar Río de la Plata
      • The location of the engines, high on the fuselage, allows the pilot to fly the aircraft fairly easily with one engine inoperable.
      • In 1900, German Count von Zeppelin flew his first airship.
      • Mr Hitchins, who had more experience flying gliders than aircraft, had not flown to Wadswick before so invited Mr Moore to come with him.
      • This reduced the amount of control forces and the frequency of control movements required to fly the aircraft.
      • They fly heavy tankers that deliver gas to other aircraft in midair.
      • I flew the airplane correctly, managed the emergency properly and extended the glide almost to its limits.
      • We know that you served as an Air Force Academy liaison officer when you weren't flying airliners.
      • The aircraft is flown by two flight crew with between six and ten mission crew.
      • The aircraft is flown by five crew members: the pilot and co-pilot, flight engineer and two loadmasters.
      • The autopilot can fly an airplane once in the air, and land it, but it cannot be used during takeoff.
      • The foundation of a successful aviation career is a burning desire to fly airplanes.
      • I will be wearing standard US issue flight gear, and I will be flying a navy aircraft clearly marked as a US warplane.
      • The autopilot helps fly the airplane while the pilots run the appropriate checklists.
      • The nearest aircraft was regularly flown by Flight Lieutenant Bill Newton.
      • If a pilot didn't fly his own airplane for six months or more, he often was the only one who knew.
      • Only our most experienced pilots were allowed to fly this new airplane at the time.
      • Then again, you'll have to admit, the men who fly our modern airliners are experts - they have to be!
      • The aircraft is flown by two pilots rather than four aircrew.
      • However, it was not unusual for a pilot with an assigned aircraft to fly whatever aircraft was serviceable on any given day.
      • When flying a helicopter the controls need to be manually held at all times.

    • 1.2(carry)

      (cargo) (en avión) transportar
      he was flown to Dallas in a private jet lo llevaron a Dallas en avión privado
      • the wounded were flown out by helicopter los heridos fueron evacuados en helicóptero
      • they had the equipment flown in les mandaron el equipo por avión
      • Cliff Richard celebrates his 60th birthday in style - he's flying guests in by helicopter to his cruise liner somewhere in the Mediterranean.
      • New Zealand has offered to fund a helicopter to fly a team of four doctors into Nias to treat the earthquake injured, and Prime Minister Helen Clark promised more aid will follow.
      • But Naval engineers, based in the Islands, repaired the cross, which was flown back by Chinook helicopter.
      • After a motorcade ride to Dulles, the turkeys were flown to California to their new home at Disneyland.
      • Then in January, Ramsey was flown to Toronto, along with other finalists, for a final round of interviews at the Bank of Montreal's Institute for Learning.
      • Shortly after their birth, the children were flown by helicopter to the world renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital in London for observation and treatment.
      • The injured boy was flown by helicopter to hospital, where he was treated for multiple bites to the arms and legs.
      • A total of 28 orphaned Great Bustard chicks were flown to the UK from Russia in the autumn, and released into the wild on Salisbury Plain.
      • After his aborted sentencing hearing, he was escorted from the courtroom by his guards and boarded the helicopter to be flown back to his cell.
      • They were flown to the capital along with other wounded personnel.
      • They are sending a transport aircraft to fly relief to Grand Bahama.
      • The exiled militants were flown by British military transport to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus were they were put up at a seaside hotel under police guard.
      • Paramedics had to call out an RAF helicopter to fly a seriously ill baby 200 miles from Rochdale to an intensive care bed in London.
      • Jim applied for the job, took a test, and was one of four finalists who were flown out for an interview with Bill.
      • Two other US soldiers were injured and were flown by helicopter back to a field hospital in the capital where they were in a ‘stable’ condition last night.
      • He was flown by police helicopter to Hull Royal Infirmary, where he underwent emergency surgery to remove the post from his chest.
      • Soldiers were then flown by Black Hawk or Caribou to Line Creek junction.
      • Requests to have the game postponed by 24 hours were dismissed so officials saw only one option and that was to hire a helicopter to fly him back.
      • But he asked, apparently, for a helicopter to fly him in every day from wherever he was, and they bounced him.
      • She commissioned the state helicopter to fly her home when she learned that her baby had a medical emergency.

    • 1.3(travel over)

      (distance) (en avión) recorrer
      they fly this route daily tienen vuelos diarios en esta ruta
      • Blériot was the first man to fly the Channel Blériot fue el primer piloto que cruzó el canal de la Mancha en avión

    • 1.4(travel by)

      (airline) volar con

    • 1.5(operate, use)

      we fly 737s on that route esa ruta la cubren aviones 737
      • some businessmen fly private aircraft algunos hombres de negocios vuelan en avión privado

  • 2

    (flag) izar
    (flag) enarbolar
    the ship was flying the Panamanian flag el barco llevaba bandera panameña / pabellón panameño

nombrePlural flies

  • 1often British flies

    (on trousers)
    bragueta femenino
    marrueco masculino Chile
    your fly is or (British also) flies are undone tienes el marrueco abierto / desabrochado Chile
    • Imagine my reaction then as I stumble out of the cupboard buttoning up the flies on my jeans and two secretaries are walking past.
    • The Tory could not work out why they were so jovial and even checked his trouser flies to make sure he had not caused the merriment by ‘flying low’.
    • Interesting alternatives are Velcro straps or, if the shorts fit perfectly, stylish button flies.
    • If there's a zipper or button fly, mark the folded edge of the overlap side and use the leg on that side.
    • We make boxers with fake flies, no flies, and button flies.
    • These flat-front relaxed chinos have a zipper fly, button tab, inside button, and on-seam pockets.
    • His knees buckle as he automatically checks his flies are fastened, coughs and addresses us, increasingly demented.
    • He'd haphazardly pulled his tuxedo trousers on, zipping the fly but leaving the button tantalizingly undone.
    • Perhaps I should turn up late, reeking of red wine and motel sheets, with lipstick on my collar and my flies down.
    • Boys, nay men, need to remember to wipe the toothpaste from the corners of their mouth, the crumbs from their beards and not to catch their shirts in their flies.
    • Go and try on a pair of Levi's 501s with the original button fly.
    • I suppose the male equivalent to these little secrets was flying at half mast, flying low or egg on your face, to indicate undone or untidy trouser flies.
    • I also noticed that there was a string hanging out of the waiter's fly.
    • Which is always like being caught in public with your fly open and your shirttail sticking through.
  • 2

    (on tent)
    • 2.1(flap)

      puerta femenino
      • The tent's fly flutters in the wind a little.
      • After the exterior of the tent's fly dries, remove it and drape it over a bush or tree limb with the interior exposed.
      • I do not like how far I have to reach from the inside of the tent to the zip on the fly.
      • We use our ice axes to stake down the fly, but it flaps as violently as a trapped bird.

    • 2.2also fly sheet

      (de tienda de campaña) toldo impermeable masculino

  • 3also fly ball

    (in baseball)
    globo masculino
    fly masculino
  • 4flies plural

    bambalinas femenino
    • Suspended from the flies or moving in slow motion, she was a spiritual warrior and her chalked, nude body was her testing ground.
    • Also all sorts of bolts of cloth unrolled this way and that or unfurling from the flies, sometimes covering the entire cast, though not for long enough.
    • The rest, even while the scenery keeps rising from the floor or descending from the flies, remains unremittingly flat.
    • The National Theatre, with its push-button revolving stage, its sets which came out of the flies or up from the floor, was one of the mechanical wonders of the age.
    • A dancer will be lowered like a window washer, bucket and squeegee in hand, from the flies of the stage.

Hay 3 traducciones principales de fly en Español

: fly1fly2fly3


mosca, n.

Pronunciación /flaɪ//flʌɪ/

nombrePlural flies

  • 1

    mosca femenino
    • There were also winged salamanders feasting on flying insects such as flies and mosquitoes.
    • Raw and cooked food should always be kept and handled separately, and all food should be kept covered and out of the way of flies!
    • Insects, especially beetles, caterpillars, moths, and flies, are the most common prey.
    • Failing to cover body wastes in open latrines promoted the spread of disease by flies.
    • Sensitive hairs on their bodies send data directly to the wings, so these flies can take off the instant motion is detected.
    • I stayed near the opening where a small swarm of flies buzzed about outside.
    • On the up side, with the arrival of the rain came the departure of the flies.
    • A single fly was placed on the platform, and placidly stayed there, motionless, until the test stimulus was presented.
    • They spend their days empty bellied and covered with a swarm of flies.
    • The wind blew the row cover off the seed bed leaving the tender young radishes exposed to the flies.
    • The caterers spent the entire time flapping their arms in a furious, but futile attempt to discourage the flies.
    • Almost 40 years ago Ed Lewis discovered a remarkable fly that differs from an ordinary fly by one extra pair of wings.
    • Spiders, she has reasoned correctly, are the natural predators of flies.
    • The picture was so sharp I could see the flies buzzing around the animals.
    • They had a telescope where you could see a fly on a chimney from 300 feet away.
    • Manure stored in silo-type storage units may crust on the top, but cracks allow flies to deposit eggs in wet material below the crust.
    • The mature larva emerges from the wound in six to 12 weeks, falls to the ground, and pupates into adult flies in about 30 days.
    • She batted at the flies with her gloved hand and sighed.
    • The right wings of flies were removed using fine forceps and mounted on microscope slides using double-sided tape.
    • The adult female fly lays her eggs in moist decaying animal and plant wastes.
  • 2

    (in angling)
    mosca femenino
    before noun fly fisherman pescador con mosca masculino
    • The best flies are streamers, those big creations that imitate bait fish or large nymphs.
    • Take the advice of local anglers for choice of flies and small popping plugs.
    • These flies may have brightly coloured bodies or long hackles and we can only guess at what the trout think they are.
    • Then as I retrieved it slowly, I could see a good rainbow following in the wake of the fly.
    • Lee not only produces flies commercially but also provides fly tying materials.
    • It was taken on a light trout rod at Beat 4 by Dutch angler Ulrich Treusch, who was using one of his own fly tying - a fly named the Morbun Special.
    • After all, he drove to the Big Hole in an automobile, fished with a fiberglass rod, and tied flies with synthetic materials.
    • Although many game anglers tie their own flies, very few bother to make their own fly rods.
    • In fact, it was Victorian fly fishermen, not scientists, who first studied these insects closely in order to imitate them with artificial flies.
    • There seems to be a culture that now associates using artificial lures and flies with the need to conserve our stocks for the future.
    • It doesn't seem to have any stretch which helps set the hook when your fishing deep with very big flies.
    • Additionally, I do not like my flies too bulky and find that two strands of herl would be the most that I ever use.
    • And, then, there are those things that give fly fishing its name - the flies.
    • For early season use most anglers tend to fish the flies deeper and so use heavier hooks.
    • Big perch can be taken on flies, spinners and plugs and in some areas there are big roach.
    • Jimmy has tied flies for international fishing teams.
    • I wound in all my line, clipped off the fly, stowed the rod away and sat down in my padded seat.
    • The artificial fly represents a food item be it insect, crustacean or smaller fish.
    • Unlike in trout fishing, where an artificial fly is used, anglers hunting pike tend to go for bait such as small fish.
    • I use knotless tapered leaders but after attaching a few flies I tie in some tippet material when needed.

Hay 3 traducciones principales de fly en Español

: fly1fly2fly3


en la onda, adj.

Pronunciación /flaɪ//flʌɪ/



  • 1EEUU

    (stylish, fashionable)
    en la onda coloquial
    enrollado España coloquial
    (clothes) a la moda
    (clothes) moderno
    • If your neighbor's got a fly crib or a pimped-out set of wheels, that's their business, not yours.
    • Ryan's a super fly dude.
    • Anyone can be fly, race has no bearing on who is fly and who is not.
    • I was looking for the fly stuff, and I don't mean fishing gear.
    • Babs wants to know if her romance with the fly guy she met last year is for keeps.
  • 2Britanico

    vivo coloquial
    • This sort of manoeuvre must have been what one shadow cabinet colleague had in mind when he privately described the politician as ‘an extremely fly operator’.
    • I would ask you to bear in mind that Broome is a very fly and slippery character.
    • I'm too fly to admit anything to youse guys.
    • Never in the history of nannies has there been a more fly nanny than Julie Andrews.