Traducción de flyover en Español:


paso elevado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈflaɪˌoʊvər//ˈflʌɪəʊvə/


  • 1Britanico

    paso elevado masculino
    paso a desnivel masculino México
    • Stealth bombers were reported to be in the air at one point, but were re-routed to do a flyover at the Rose Bowl game, which received a wonderful ovation.
    • Saturday's memorial featured a flyover by World War II airplanes, music, speeches and a wreath presentation.
    • We've done a number of flyovers with helicopters and will continue to do that.
    • As Senator Mary Landrieu's helicopter was taking off for a flyover of the devastation, she watched as a group of people smashed a window at a gas station store and jumped in.
    • A man in a blue FEMA windbreaker arrived to brief them on his helicopter flyover of the city.
    • Erica swerved the car round a corner before stopping at the side of a flyover.
    • Santa had also done a flyover in the Rescure helicopter.
    • An American reconnaissance plane veers off course during a flyover and is shot down because its crew sees something they aren't intended to see.
    • The lab was underground so flyovers haven't shown anything.
    • I lived next to a U.S. Air Force base in north Georgia for two years and have seen many night flyovers with afterburners.
    • Although Mr Boynes would love to be part of the flyover, he considers his attendance on the ground just as important.
    • The solution they have gone for is flyovers that promise only to sweep Delhi's traffic problems from one area to another.
    • Our commanding officer coordinated a flyover of the ship for us so the LSOs could shine a beacon on our nose gear and determine its condition.
    • During a flyover of the park last year, McClure witnessed a number of bison carcasses lying in overgrazed fields.
    • After the pair spotted a heavy weapon in a village during a flyover in a military helicopter, Smith carried back the coordinates to a Marine commander so the weapon could be destroyed.
    • A full surround mix would have been nice, as there are a couple of 747 flyovers that, while sounding impressive in stereo, would probably tear off the roof in 5.1.
    • The flyovers occur twice a year, before and after the summer rainy season.
    • Did the daily surveillance plane flyovers spot it?
    • For naval aircraft enthusiasts, four of the five Corsairs at Duxford got into the air for formation flyovers and individual passes.
    • The military will be providing traditions, such as a 21-gun salute and a flyover of FA - 18 aircraft.
    • We could do a flyover of the island with a shuttle, hoping the Curie's crew has someone looking out for rescue craft to signal.
  • 2EEUU

    desfile aéreo masculino