Traducción de focal en Español:


central, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfoʊk(ə)l//ˈfəʊk(ə)l/


  • 1

    (topic/issue) central
    • The statement will acknowledge that the retail industry is changing and will stress the need for suitable locations to be found for large focal retailers.
    • They have a new, contemporary edge and are being used as accents or on single focal walls in a room.
    • At the 2002 World Cup he was focal to England's strategies.
    • A focal outlet would also be set up in the Board for exploring the export possibilities for khadi products, adds Mr. Nandakumar.
    • The headlight also has a convergent lens which is focused in the vicinity of the second focal region so as to project this light patch on the road.
    • With this idea of perpetual motivation, the Internet has become the focal source/medium of the research.
    • We performed region of interest analysis in two focal brain areas: the hippocampus and the temporal lobes.
    • Dubey cuts the figures at the edges and at unusual angles to create focal interest in the compositions.
    • Radical challengers have a hard time appearing inevitable or focal.
    • The third plot while without a central focal character is the most important thread: the coming of the Second Boxer Rebellion in China.
    • For comprehensive understanding, it is important to have focal and subsidiary awareness of ethical dilemmas.
    • But we do intend to put something back that we can all be proud of to make a new focal centre of the village again.
    • In the Maldives, the sea is the focal attraction - a perfect narrow crescent of a beach lapped by the lagoon-like Indian Ocean.
    • But a better organizing principle - some kind of narrative or focal story, numbered points, whatever - would help us remember more.
    • To date, most of the work in this area has focused on repurchase intentions as the focal dependent variable.
    • Perhaps more important, excitation and photobleaching are limited to the focal region.
    • The focal theme this time was ‘strategies for drought management and alternate cropping system in canal areas’.
    • Hence, we repeated our analysis, splitting our data into whether the focal bird was dominant or subordinate.
    • Combinations of these types, such as oblique faulting, are depicted by variations of these principal types of focal mechanisms.
    • We focused our analysis on a focal population receiving migrants from an infinitely large number of populations.
  • 2

    (ratio/length) focal
    • Huygens discovered the law of refraction to derive the focal distances of lenses.
    • Residual longitudinal chromatic aberration introduces a focal shift for any wavelength variation.
    • Such focal adjustability may not be available in phakic lenses for at least four years.
    • Meduna identified six patients with focal seizures in whom the brain focus was surgically excised.
    • There are now Bifocal lenses, a type of contact lens design that includes two focal areas: one for near, one for distance.