Traducción de folder en Español:


carpeta, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfoʊldər//ˈfəʊldə/


  • 1

    (for paper documents)
    carpeta femenino
    • He had a bag in one hand and a thin, Manila file folder in the other.
    • Right, he thinks with a grimace, clutching the folder in his hand.
    • At the end of one session, our collages were placed on the drying rack and our remaining colors of paper were stored in our folders.
    • He handed them a brown folder marked ' TOP SECRET '.
    • My breath had been caught in my chest ever since she'd opened the folder containing the sketches.
    • Russell's boss slid a Manila file folder across the desk.
    • She had been carrying a rather large yellow folder with the brackets at the top, latching it closed.
    • Some open the clear plastic folders containing their work and look over what they did in yesterday's class.
    • The woman dropped a folder containing paperwork referring to Provident Personal Credit.
    • Clarke pulled out a Manila file folder and handed it to Vaughn.
    • In shock, Lisa dropped the folder in her hand.
    • Dr. Anthony Monroe sat down in front of him, resting a brown folder on the table.
    • These folders were used to store the sketch, tracing paper, felt, burlap and any other work in progress for the length of this lesson.
    • The bell rang and I stuffed my loose paper into a folder as I threw the pen in a bag and grabbed all my stuff.
    • President Heartslain threw to her a thick yellow folder with a 100-page report.
    • How would you like it if he fiddled around in a folder named Anna's stuff?
    • Happy Birthday, Rowena thought, trudging back to her desk with the folder under her arm.
    • Butterworth produces a folder full of crayons, pastels, watercolours.
    • He went over to a filing cabinet and pulled out a thick folder.
    • His face looked weary and he was carrying a thin folder under his arm.
  • 2

    carpeta femenino
    • The filter spits it into the junk mail folder and you never see it.
    • As I was clearing out the email trash folder last week, this made me smile.
    • So this morning I created a new folder called Reply.
    • All suspect junk mail is sent in a new junk mail folder.
    • The next step is to decompress the Administrative Update into a folder on your hard drive.