Traducción de foliage en Español:


follaje, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfoʊl(i)ɪdʒ//ˈfəʊlɪɪdʒ/


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    follaje masculino
    before noun a foliage plant una planta decorativa
    • Spent flower stems can be removed as well as dead leaves but leave healthy foliage to die back naturally.
    • As the direct methods only relate to foliage, they are the only ones giving real access to leaf area index.
    • Snowdrops are best moved just after flowering when there is still plenty of green foliage.
    • A good basis is the guideline developed for nutrient analysis in tree foliage.
    • He added that the council may be able to plant foliage to make the rocks look better.
    • Wherever there was green foliage, be it trees or flowers, Sahara heard singing and talking.
    • Lots of the plants had scented foliage and gave off a lovely perfume as we walked among them.
    • The trees that flowered began to shed their foliage in December and were completely bare by January.
    • The foliage, some based on plants seen in the botanical gardens, some imagined, is amazing.
    • Fresh grass broke through the dead foliage, and bright green buds hung on the branches.
    • Martin cleverly used foliage plants that complemented and harmonised with the bronze.
    • The intermediate states were characterized by nodes associated with foliage leaves.
    • To avoid plain green foliage syndrome it is worth experimenting with varied foliage plants.
    • He's seen roses with good flowers but bad foliage, good foliage but bad flowers.
    • Virginiles already have adult foliage and a taproot, but lack generative organs.
    • The green foliage bent deep towards the ground, out of respect for the snow.
    • At the centre of each flower are grey-blue stamen and the plant forms a compact mass of foliage and flowers.
    • For most of the year, it's a small, unassuming plant, with rounded, evergreen foliage.
    • The foliage is a bluish green while the flowers open white, with a mass of yellow stamens.
    • There is also a plan to arrange signs attractively and plant more foliage along the beach.