Traducción de follow-through en Español:


continuación, n.

Pronunciación ///ˈfɑloʊ ˌθru/


  • 1

    continuación femenino
    • He hadn't been getting the proper follow-through on his pitches and wasn't getting behind them enough.
    • To get to this point, Febles had to overcome some unsavory habits such as stopping short on his follow-through.
    • Jenkins has an uppercut finish on his follow-through but keeps his bat level when his hands reach the hitting zone.
    • I have to have my wrists ahead of the ball at impact and play the follow-through like a forward defensive cricket shot.
    • Practice holding your follow-through until the ball lands.
    • He's also leading with his hands instead of his body on his follow-through.
    • Weber's high back-swing descends in a mild, unforced manner and continues throughout the follow-through in a long, extended fashion.
    • Sometimes he connected in his follow-through and sent the ball vast distances straight up in the air.
    • My only problem with his entire process of execution is his violent follow-through, which concludes with a wicked bend of the elbow recoiling behind his ear.
    • Unlike a lot of punters whose follow-through is straight up, Lechler's goes to his left shoulder.
    • One thing I did as the ball was in the air, I held my follow-through until the ball went through the rim.
    • His follow-through leaves him in poor position to field balls hit up the middle.
    • Work on your balance by holding your follow-through position until the ball has landed.
    • On the range, practice a short, a medium and a long follow-through with each club, and check the distance the ball carries each time.
    • He says it bothers him throwing and on the follow-through after a swing.
    • You have time to control each of the basic mechanics: sight, balance, hand position, elbow-in alignment, shooting action, and follow-through.
    • Michele saunters into the office and takes the golf club from him and shows him a perfect swing with follow-through.
    • Concentrate on form, follow-through, rhythm and arc.
    • With his follow-through carrying him the other way, Moose could only swat the ball with his glove towards Nick Johnson at first, feebly at that.
    • Donald continued his follow-through, arms raised in triumph, while Atherton stood his ground.
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    (of action)
    there was no follow-through on my suggestions mis sugerencias no tuvieron eco