Traducción de food en Español:


comida, n.

Pronunciación /fud//fuːd/


  • 1

    (in general)
    comida femenino
    (exports/shortage) (before noun) de alimentos
    there isn't enough food to go round no hay comida para todos
    • the food's not very good in this hotel la comida no es muy buena / no se come muy bien en este hotel
    • Britain imports much of its food Gran Bretaña importa gran parte de los alimentos que consume
    • she can only take food intravenously se la puede alimentar solo por vía intravenosa
    • we gave him some food le dimos algo de comer
    • She didn't know how to drive or even where to get fresh food.
    • She ate a lot of processed snack foods and the same big dinner every night and still felt hungry.
    • Urban consumers are increasingly, almost militantly, choosing organic food.
    • All the food tastes like rubber, like it was sitting up in the refrigerator for five years.
    • A cabinet contains a lockable safe, open shelves for displaying personal items, and a small refrigerator for storing food and beverages.
    • They know how to prepare wholesome, delicious food themselves.
    • My husband is Australian, where they eat lots of fresh summery food.
    • He could not even chew food properly, leading to digestive problems.
    • Agricultural subsidies were introduced after the war to increase production and secure food supplies.
    • Ach well, food tastes better in the open air.
    • Immense queues developed, but everyone was happily served with apparently inexhaustible supplies of food and wine.
    • Food used to be one of the most distinguishing characteristics of a civilization.
    • About 90 percent of the money Americans spend on food is on processed food.
    • I went to the grocery store that day and bought nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables and grains.
    • Adding an element of "fun" for the kids entices them to eat foods that are actually good for them.
    • She has developed a passion for gardening, which is almost as great as her passion for cooking spicy foods.
    • You are eating food in a restaurant that you could buy in a supermarket.
    • Luckily, the food lives up to expectations set by the interior, with a great wine list, too.
    • Customers could buy good quality food, direct from a range of local producers, without going near any mud.
    • The new project is located on a side pedestrian street adjacent to the food market.
  • 2

    (specific kind)
    alimento masculino