Traducción de football pool en Español:

football pool

apuesta colectiva, n.



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    apuesta colectiva femenino
    polla femenino América Latina
    • Bermudians will still be able to gamble on horse racing, the football pools, in the bingo halls and on internet gaming sites.
    • In can be the choice of breakfast foods, or the response of another in conversation, or a few dollars in an office football pool.
    • I do not think you can resist that football pools order.
    • I know what the football pools order is.
    • Their problem is that in Israel, gambling is illegal outside the national lottery and the football pools.
    • It's like watching someone else win the football pools.
    • Many of them also bet on it through football pools, go to Sunday night parties and chat about the game with co-workers.
    • Back in Boston, I used to supplement my income routinely winning football pools everyplace I worked.
    • The competition was originally conceived in 1961 as a means to generate cash for football pools companies during the close season.
    • You are short of money but you live in a house worth more than a win on the football pools.
    • So, if you want to wear Vedette and aren't already minted, you better start doing the football pools.
    • Even the abolition of football pools tax was done last time with the abolition of gaming tax.
    • He's nothing other than a guy in the office who was asked to draw the grid for a football pool.
    • A couple who won more than £1 million on the football pools after scraping together their last 80p are being sought for a winners' reunion.
    • The very next day, after I began my 365 days of dull, boring existence, I almost got into a football pool, but I held out.
    • The club's football pools fund raiser is proving very popular.
    • The BBC article suggests there may be some inconsistency in the rules - football pools are out but lotteries are OK.
    • The football pools fundraiser organized by Clonaslee Utd are now in the fourth week and are proving very popular.
    • They sell t-shirts, have a football pool, and throw fund-raisers throughout the year.
    • I lost interest in football for the most part, and didn't come back to it until I joined a football pool at the local deli a few years later.