Traducción de footboard en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈfʊtbɔrd//ˈfʊtbɔːd/


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    the footboard of the bed los pies de la cama
    • His fingers tap impatiently on the footboard of the bed.
    • My bed had a fruity garland carved in the footboard and a half-tester dripping with lace overhead.
    • His black jacket was hanging over the footboard to his bed, a string tie draped over it, and a white shirt was laid out on the coverlet.
    • There were clothes flopped over the footboard of his bed and a couple motorcycle magazines lying about.
    • Tanj slept that night in his bed, in his arms, but still chained to the footboard.
    • The headboard and footboard were of the same wood as the dresser and nightstand.
    • Andy complained, giving the footboard a knuckle-knock.
    • Anne had crawled over to the footboard of the bed and was resting her chin on the wood, staring at the rug.
    • Then she looked up and laughed as Atlikan fell onto the bed next to her and stretched his long legs out, his feet touching the footboard.
    • Headboards, footboards, and side rails can be unsafe, especially if a baby is left alone in bed with these trappings.
    • Standing at the foot of his bed, the figures were so tiny that their heads barely poked above the footboard.
    • The circulating nurse pulls the patient's shoulder straps to minimize shoulder contact with the magnets and adjusts the footboard.
    • Or, more accurately, he was seated on the footboard at the foot of the bed, with his feet on the gray-sheeted mattress.
    • White calms the patterns, and brown on the footboard and headboard, as well as the sisal rug, relaxes and grounds the white.
    • Anne flopped down on the bed, and Jonathan took a more dignified pose, leaning against the footboard.
    • After the two padded safety straps are fastened in place, two footboards with gel pad liners are placed at the foot of the OR bed, and covered with sheets.
    • Haley was propped up against the headboard and James against the footboard both their legs outstretched resting alongside each other's.
    • Two circulating nurses, working together, placed two footboards at the foot of the OR bed.
    • It has skillful carving of a lion on the headboard and the footboard.
    • He grasped the gilded footboard and straightened his elbows, such that he hovered over the bed rather than sitting on it.