Traducción de footfall en Español:


pisada, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfʊtˌfɔl//ˈfʊtfɔːl/


  • 1

    pisada femenino
    • A mere moment later, the sound of footfalls was heard tromping quickly up the stairs, as in emergency.
    • At last it came - a soft, irregular sound of footfalls on the stairs!
    • Andy shut her eyes a moment and then opened them when she heard the soft sound of footfalls climbing the stairs.
    • I stormed down the hallway and the sound of my footfalls on the carpet marked my defeat.
    • He would have continued but loud footfalls sounded on the carpet near us and I saw Miss Penny the librarian approaching our table.
    • He laughed softly, but both of our heads snapped up at the sound of heavy footfalls on the stairs.
    • The endless sound echoed like thunderous footfalls, beating a tattoo on the inside of her skull.
    • ‘She,’ was all Thaniel could whisper as the sound of footfalls met their ears.
    • There was a ruffle of noise again, the sound of heavy footfalls coming down the hall.
    • Just as Sahib reached for the handle, Calla heard the sounds of footfalls rushing up the stairs.
    • Kinamori awoke to the sound of heavy footfalls, the clink of chains following each step.
    • Blair's ears pricked at the sound of soft footfalls echoing in the distance.
    • Now the only sounds are the three-fold footfalls.
    • Aryan shrieks and runs out of my room, making such noise that her footfalls sound like an army trooping onto the battlefield.
    • She turned at the sound of footfalls behind her.
    • The sound of rushing footfalls echoed into the basement as the others came rushing down the stairs, fearful of what the yelling was about.
    • As if thinking of him had summoned him, she heard the sound of his footfalls on the steps.
    • Her footfalls sounded like thunder throughout the house.
    • There was a sound of footfalls in the hallway and then on the stairs.
    • We listened to the sound of our footfalls on pebbles, on leaves, on twigs.
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    afluencia de público femenino
    • They stepped forward at a measured pace, pausing with each footfall, driving Joshua and Benjamin further back into the closet step by step.
    • The DDDA is hoping that the CHQ scheme will help increase footfall in the IFSC area after traditional office hours.
    • The company is believed to be seeking more units of between 50 and 74 square metres in areas with high footfall.
    • It's not as if being in the middle of a residential area will improve footfall.
    • They say footfall is decreasing in shops and that people are looking at other centres, like Lancaster, to do their shopping.
    • Sales would improve too with increased footfall.
    • Increasing footfall in this area of O'Connell Street is another major aim of the IAP.
    • ‘Although footfall is down on Henry Street, it is at a figure that is comparable with the late 1990s,’ said Parker.
    • We have no other way of knowing how many people come into town to shop other than these footfall figures.
    • The consequent improvements in lighting and increase in footfall will make it a much safer area.
    • When it comes to the stark lack of footfall, Cooper claims that plans are in place to improve the situation.
    • Weeklies are a no-brainer for fashion houses looking to drive footfall in stores.
    • The latest analysis of footfall on Dublin's prime shopping streets shows that the number of shoppers is slightly down on the same period last year.
    • Once opened, it will play a key role in increasing footfall in the area after traditional office hours.
    • The operation will have to be suitable for opening seven days a week in order to encourage footfall into the area.
    • The mall in Koramangala averages 50,000 footfall on weekends and around 30,000 on weekdays.
    • Memos were flying around checking we were taking every opportunity to maximise the potential of the extra footfall coming into the shop.
    • These will be placed in high footfall areas like airport lounges, shopping malls and large retail chains, and will stock over 600 fast-moving models.
    • It's served its purpose which is increasing footfall in the area.
    • Smarting after a succession of high-profile scandals, both have been eyeing up the immigrant sector to boost branch footfall.