Traducción de footpad en Español:


asaltante de caminos, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfʊtpad//ˈfʊtpæd/


  • 1

    asaltante de caminos masculino
    • I was suddenly transported back to a Dickensian world of Fagin and footpads.
    • It was unknown for footpads to be encountered on the lonely path, as no one would be likely to pass this way carrying anything of value to a thief.
    • Discharged soldiers often took to brigandage: in 1718 one formed a company of footpads which raided the roads between Paris and Caen.
    • Lt-Col Lean said a patrol from the Fiji Company's Reconnaissance Platoon identified a small footpad leading from a road about 2km from the area of the corn theft on the afternoon of February 27.
    • High tobymen, or horsed robbers, had yielded the field to low tobymen, or footpads, and roadside thieving had lost its traditional panache.