Traducción de footsore en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈfʊtsɔː//ˈfʊtsɔr/


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    to be footsore tener los pies doloridos
    • Then my disciples pour from the trees, ragged and footsore.
    • The footsore pilgrim of old, the wayfarer half frozen from the storm, the tongue-tied lover dropping nervously by, might or might not be glad to hear it.
    • At 5pm, cold and footsore, but driven forward by the noise and sheer scale of the movement, the North Pembrokeshire group reached the park.
    • And if you're a little footsore after all these hearty activities, many hotels offer spa and massage treatments.
    • But if you're footsore, you can hop on a First York local bus and buy an off-peak day pass for under £2.
    • I shall be back, footsore and happy on Monday.
    • They were sitting on the steps or resting on the balconies of the teahouses, staring at the tired, footsore pilgrims as they trudged past.
    • Even if you bypass the city's spectacular cathedral and a clutch of museums, including the splendid new Esbaluard contemporary art gallery, overlooking the bay, there is plenty to leave you footsore.
    • Members of the Just For Fun line dancing group will be left footsore and weary after performing for 12 hours non-stop next month.
    • I was very footsore and could only go at a snail's pace.
    • You might be a bit footsore after wandering round all those shops, but a few minutes looking over a menu, Kir Royale in hand, and all will be right with the world.
    • He disappeared into the crowd of tired and footsore people, who were piling to the doors to catch their carriages.
    • My quick hill bash became a long expedition and I finished tired and footsore in the dark.
    • By nightfall he was fatigued, footsore, famished.
    • Arron, under better circumstances, would have hesitated at the thought of yelling furiously at an attractive young stranger, but he was footsore, tired, and very, very confused.
    • Weary and footsore, they trundled slowly out of the forest, the horses stumbling slightly despite the bright sunlight filtering in overhead.
    • I was footsore and weary, possessed with only enough mad energy for this last fatal dash.
    • Tired, footsore and half-drenched, we had two things on our minds; a hot meal and an open fire.
    • Three Swindon police officers are preparing to get footsore in memory of a larger than life colleague.
    • Weary and footsore they departed back to Perth with a trophy, a State title and one further decision that no less than the Australian Championships were going to be next.