Traducción de footstool en Español:


escabel, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfʊtstuːl//ˈfʊtˌstul/


  • 1

    escabel masculino
    banqueta para los pies femenino
    banquito para los pies masculino México
    • Of course, cushy red velvet window-seat banquettes and embroidered footstools don't come cheap.
    • I invited her to sit down and she sat at my feet on a footstool as she for some reason loved to do.
    • He threw himself down in a blue upholstered armchair and dropped his booted feet onto the matching footstool.
    • She gave them both a hug and sat down in a fluffy armchair next to Waldo, putting her feet up on the footstool next to her chair.
    • An armchair, a side-table, and a footstool had all been removed to one of the windows, and had been placed as close as possible to the light.
    • Lying on a couch with pillows under your foot is better than sitting in a chair with your foot on a footstool.
    • He closed his eyes, stretched his feet onto the footstool and started to drift back to sleep.
    • He promptly relaxed in the comfort of the cushioned chair and put his feet unabashedly on the footstool, pleased to be given this privilege.
    • She handed Mary a cup, then stretched her legs out, bringing her feet to rest on the matching footstool.
    • I'd been sitting in the recliner for about thirty minutes and had been icing the ankle with my foot elevated on a footstool to reduce the swelling, but it really didn't look like much had happened.
    • Fluffed-up pillows, footstools, reclining chairs and welcoming couches go a long way toward reducing the rigors of the day.
    • After she had eaten, she rummaged around the room just long enough to find that there were eight chairs, two fairly good-sized tables, three desks, a bed, a bassinet, six footstools, and two armoires in the room.
    • The restored figurine was about 15 cm high, a lady sitting in a basket chair with her feet on a footstool.
    • Bringing her own rocking chair and a footstool so each child had a place to sit, each granny spun a 10-minute tale of her choice before the youngsters swapped places to hear from another storyteller.
    • Put your feet up on a footstool or hassock, or lie on your side.
    • It is the perfect touch for any living area, and you can opt for a model with a recliner and a footstool.
    • When I came down the next morning, Verity was sitting in the study, her feet up on a footstool.
    • He came and sat on a footstool at her feet, placing his hand over her book so she would look up.
    • Since the recent refit it now has leather armchairs with leather footstools that you can slouch in with tables for food and drink.
    • The interior is very modern, yet with a home-like feel, with leather armchairs, footstools and tables for food and drink, guaranteed to provide a more comfortable movie experience.