Traducción de foray en Español:


incursión, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɒreɪ//ˈfɑrˌeɪ//ˈfɔrˌeɪ/


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    incursión femenino
    they made a foray into enemy territory hicieron una incursión en territorio enemigo
    • And then there were the forays into enemy territory, expeditions to raid another pack's street corner - or, as often, to defend our own.
    • Apart from a few forays into Wharfedale territory, which were defended with relative ease, the remainder of the first half was played out in the Moortown half.
    • Our first foray into enemy territory was a bitter disappointment.
    • In continuous forest, females also seek EPCs off territory and make extraterritorial forays with equal frequency as males.
    • Mushtaq was a maverick strokeplayer with a love of sudden forays down the pitch, even to quick bowlers, and daring strokes that had bowlers tearing their hair out.
    • While Athenian forces made raids and even established small coastal bases in Spartan territory, these forays were unable to inflict sufficient damage to aid the Athenian fight.
    • Central Command can mount these operations - sending armored forays into the city - because organized resistance is diminishing.
    • As Heath made one of their rare forays into Ilkley territory they won a scrum on the 22.
    • Under the pretext of preventing terrorism, it will set a precedent for other regimes to follow in America's footsteps and of course it will embolden the US to make forays into other territories.
    • The pressure of such defensive forays into inner-city territory, each homing in acutely at the side of others and being jostled by them, makes for compound ironies which are truly sharpened and banal.
    • Or, to be accurate, they probably had the same teachers but chose to tread a different path with the occasional forays into other territories.
    • The aim was to establish a base camp of three points from which they could make forays into enemy territory.
    • But even if their forays into French territory became rarer, Italy can at least take heart from their rearguard action which, combined with some woeful French handling, restricted the hosts to penalties.
    • Almost every page covers wars, forays, battles that picture an unending series of conflicts between the British and the French, the colonists and the Indians, even the Dutch and the Swedes.
    • The Bulls dominated the territory and possession in the first quarter, launching attacking forays deep into Lions territory.
    • Paradoxically, this expert tracker, who was never attacked during his many forays into the forest, was almost killed by a man-eating leopard in a Chattarpur guesthouse.
    • Anyway Agent Broker you will lead our first foray behind enemy lines.
    • The crafty No.3, despite a heavy first half knock, defended with gusto and also went on a couple of forays into attack.
    • Moonlighting has dark undertones, suggesting forays into unknown territory.
    • It took Cartha 16 minutes to score their first try, despite Lenzie having had just one foray into enemy territory.
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    (exploratory involvement)
    after a brief foray into politics después de una breve incursión en / un breve coqueteo con la política