Traducción de forceful en Español:


con carácter, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfɔːsfʊl//ˈfɔrsfəl//ˈfɔːsf(ə)l/


  • 1

    (person) con carácter
    (personality) fuerte
    (speech/gesture) contundente
    (manner) enérgico
    • She also displays a wide dynamic range, forceful and emotive in some songs, but hushed in others.
    • Denied by the golden goal in 1996 they have re-emerged a stronger and more forceful unit.
    • The winds were strong and forceful, causing floods in most villages, but no one was hurt.
    • While tactics are in dispute, there is broad agreement on the need for a forceful response, and on other key points.
    • Gabriel suggests stroking them upwards using the back of your hand - palm pressure is too forceful.
    • The incarnation of the Common Sense Revolution is not well today, or her protests would be even more forceful.
    • It is such a forceful argument that we wait for an equally impressive answer.
    • Another forceful criticism of strategic studies is that it is part of the problem, not the solution.
    • You have a forceful personality, but you readily accept the ideas of others.
    • Falling tree branches and forceful winds snapped powerlines and electric poles.
    • It was forceful demonstration of the fact that the hearing impaired children are second to none.
    • The person born into this combination has a forceful and magnetic personality.
    • She gave Hazel a more forceful push and disappeared from view as the door swung shut.
    • Police say this man was more forceful because he was working alone.
    • Not being the most assertive or forceful of people I take it all too personally and can get quite upset.
    • Underneath that cool image is a very intense, forceful and determined individual.
    • She had a remarkable sense of color that could be both gentle and forceful at the same time.
    • He was dynamic and forceful, and above all, had the complete respect of his young team.
    • She shifts into a more forceful voice, an echo of the man who had helped to raise her from the age of 18.
    • Issuing a new and more forceful regulation will take a long time, while such data has to be obtained soon.
  • 2

    (argument/words) convincente
    (words/argument) contundente