Traducción de foreboding en Español:


aprensión, n.

Pronunciación /fɔːˈbəʊdɪŋ//fɔrˈboʊdɪŋ/


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    aprensión femenino
    with a sense of foreboding con aprensión
    • Something had stirred him prematurely from his sleep about an hour before his alarm would have sounded, and a sense of foreboding coursed through him.
    • The forebodings of fascism have been in the air for quite some time.
    • In the space of only a few months, the word SARS has rolled around the world, bringing panic and fear to some places and a sense of foreboding to others.
    • When parents bid an emotional farewell to their offspring at the start of a gap year adventure, their minds are often filled with forebodings.
    • A sense of unease and foreboding quickly descended on the crowded chamber, followed by a hush minutes later when confirmation came through of what had happened.
    • You find yourself laughing and then feeling foolish because as you continue reading, you feel that sense of foreboding that comes when you know good times are just a set up for a tragedy that is sure to ensue.
    • We also know, from recent Japanese research, that US forebodings were well-grounded.
    • I could feel a sinking sense of dread and foreboding.
    • I am only sorry that all my forebodings have been justified.
    • And yet even with nothing but a future looming with gloomy forebodings, they repopulated the barren wasteland of space, bracing for the worst, testing the extents of their tenacity and ingenuity.
    • The world, once more, is filled with dreadful apprehension and a sense of foreboding for the future.
    • He still didn't feel frightened - but he did have an uncomfortable sense of foreboding, the knowledge that something unpleasant was looming in his future.
    • A side who had trooped off with a sense of foreboding against the Swedes somehow re-emerged five nights later, entirely recuperated and forming an unrecognisably more confident unit.
    • The sense of fatalism and foreboding has been spread from the top downwards, by authorities whose primary concern appears to be to inoculate themselves against the charge of not doing enough.
    • The air is thick with forebodings of terrible things waiting to happen.
    • The others she talked to all had different opinions and varying forebodings, but had no problem accepting their essential obligation to participate in what appeared to be an inevitable conflict.
    • However, at least one of the public's forebodings has been realised.
    • The bright orange liquid that seeped through the gashes resembled blood, giving him an unpleasant sense of foreboding.
    • Some will claim the latest uproar vindicates their forebodings.
    • There is a sense of foreboding about this ridge, too.
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    premonición femenino