Traducción de forensic accounting en Español:

forensic accounting

contabilidad forense, n.

Pronunciación /fəˌrensɪk əˈkaʊntɪŋ/


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    contabilidad forense femenino
    • Itching for his next challenge, he began asking his dad about forensic accounting and career opportunities at Hemming Morse.
    • So we saw good encouraging growth from both forensic accounting and in financial services.
    • Tim Phillips says that in recent years there's been a significant increase in the business of forensic accounting.
    • Much like its gritty crime-scene cousin, forensic accounting tries to piece together the circumstances of a crime by reviewing physical evidence.
    • She's been involved in numerous fraud and financial investigations and has lectured on the topics of fraud and forensic accounting both locally and abroad since 1995.
    • He specialized in forensic accounting, business valuations and complex accounting matters.
    • Mr. Joslin has considerable experience in forensic accounting.
    • At the moment you have a significant rise in the forensic accounting business in Australia, a very significant increase.
    • The lack of forensic accounting on this is a complete joke.
    • His disclosure remained a difficult and significant problem and a proper forensic accounting was required.
    • It is the country's only professional course focusing on fraud examination and forensic accounting.
    • Mr Brown instead focused on the decisive contribution which "forensic accounting" can make to the fight against the terrorists.
    • They are actually better at forensic accounting work than a High Court judge would be, he said.
    • Lastly, let me talk a little bit about forensic accounting.
    • They got an awful lot of forensic accounting to do.
    • My workload comprises an interesting mix of forensic accounting and corporate finance.
    • Stanley's efforts subsequently inspired the late broadcaster Jack Webster to dub him "the founder of forensic accounting."
    • The University of Auckland is planning to introduce a dedicated paper in forensic accounting as demand grows.
    • This designation identifies specialists in investigative and forensic accounting, and financial litigation support.
    • Regan's work in forensic accounting has expanded the profession's vocabulary and broadened the definition of an accountant.