Traducción de foreplay en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈfɔrˌpleɪ//ˈfɔːpleɪ/


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    estimulación erótica previa al acto sexual
    • We used the performance script for foreplay in place of the performance script for intercourse.
    • It sounds like you just need to get more creative in your sex life with foreplay, new techniques, or even sex toys.
    • They may assume that women only enjoy foreplay and not intercourse.
    • Thus, the length of foreplay may influence the duration of intercourse and vice versa.
    • Massage can be used as part of foreplay, or to help you get rid of stress.
    • I don't much care for the kind of extended foreplay that's typically recommended.
    • The men and women did not differ in the duration of their ideal scripts for foreplay.
    • STIs can often be passed on during intimate physical contact as well as full sexual intercourse, including sexual foreplay, anal, and oral sex.
    • For some women, longer foreplay and shorter intercourse may feel less like a disappointment than a bonanza.
    • He also agreed he and other writers discussed sexual conduct and foreplay in the writers' room and break room.
    • She nods in commiseration, and I realize that talking about exes at a party like this may be an acceptable form of foreplay.
    • Quips and quarrels are often seen as foreplay with the direct Aries.
    • Prolonged foreplay can enhance sexual arousal in both men and women.
    • More clothing was removed during their session, but their sexual foreplay came to a halt soon.
    • My advice would be to make foreplay and togetherness the focus and let things happen.
    • We found that women underestimated the average man's desired duration of foreplay and intercourse.
    • The sapphic act is that: a performance that is part of heterosexual foreplay.
    • For all four medicines, sexual foreplay is needed to start the arousal process.
    • The Prophet even advocated foreplay and stressed the importance of sexual relations within marriage.
    • Consider it a hip-hop equivalent of sexually frustrated, adolescent foreplay.