Traducción de foretell en Español:


predecir, v.

Pronunciación /fɔːˈtɛl//fɔrˈtɛl/

verbo transitivoforetold

  • 1

    • If people could decipher the signs that foretold events, the events would be predictable and humans could act wisely.
    • History hangs on thousands of fragile threads, and speculating on the unhappened past is almost as great a folly as trying to foretell the future.
    • And like all successful prophets he would be heeded by the rich and the powerful, even if their own churches warned against foretelling the future.
    • For water-witching or foretelling the future, the diviner was often an integral, if under-appreciated member of the country village.
    • I say this because I don't know of any other religion that has been able to foretell the future through prophets.
    • Often when a great person dies, a symbolic event which foretells the death of that person, occurs.
    • Then there were the people who believed that dreams foretold the future.
    • In pagan times poets were thought to be gifted with second sight, able in a trance or frenzy to foretell future events.
    • A science which teaches to judge of the effects and influences of the stars, and to foretell future events, by their situation and different aspects.
    • In the Greek theatre Chorus speaks for the citizens, comments on events and foretells the future.
    • Counterargument to this belief is that you absolutely have no way to know what will happen if you talk to someone new - this would be foretelling the future.
    • Though it wrestles with images, impressions, hopes and fears about the future, the technique does not claim to foretell the future.
    • Who would have been brave enough to foretell football's future 50 years ago?
    • The prophecies of Nostradamus are said to foretell events centuries in his future.
    • Sometimes, your ability to foretell the future is uncanny.
    • In other words, they actually believe that children use cardboard toys to cast spells and foretell the future.
    • My follow up to this story was that Joe could foretell his future back then.
    • I like to think of myself as a Product Evangelist, dreaming up wonderful new product features, foretelling the future of mobile telecoms, and preaching the glory that is our system to the assembled masses.
    • The true prophet does not foretell an inevitable future, but warns of likely consequences should a present course of action continue.
    • Jesus Christ, I say, can foresee and foretell the future.