Traducción de forever en Español:


Pronunciación /fəˈrɛvər//fəˈrɛvə/


  • 1

    (for all time)
    those days are gone forever esos días no volverán
    • nothing lasts forever nada dura eternamente
    • his name will live forever in our memories su nombre vivirá siempre en nuestro recuerdo
    • Scotland forever! ¡viva Escocia!
    • I have loved her for along time, and I will continue to love her forever and for always!
    • But one alarm clock, boom of thunder, or shout in the street later and your one true love is gone forever.
    • Boy is called urgently to obscure Greek Island, where it seems girl has disappeared forever into the realm of dreams.
    • In that one instant my previous typical young bloke sense of immortality disappeared forever.
    • I have a vegan friend, and if I could find her a cheesecake substitute, she would love me forever.
    • First, of course, is the kind of love we all long for, the love that endures forever.
    • It must have existed at some point, but now it's vanished, gone, disappeared, forever.
    • So we have to say something as we stand up there and pledge under oath to love each other forever.
    • For anyone reading this who has had to have a baby adopted for any reason, be assured that they will think of you always and forever.
    • Realising what it meant, he turned his ship round and disappeared forever.
    • It will never be over in my heart though because she will always be there, forever and ever.
    • Five months after the visitation, all the witnesses disappear forever.
    • In the face of systemic or structural inadequacy, war cannot be avoided forever and is always just around the corner.
    • These new parents said they would be there forever and always but so did his birth mom.
    • When seamless stockings were developed it changed the future of ladies hosiery forever.
    • At what killing researching point do whales really truly scientifically begin to disappear forever?
    • Sadly, like the line from a disco song, this everlasting love couldn't last forever.
    • This thing can never be forsaken; keep this always and forever in your mind.
    • They're not going to disappear forever, I like them, but I will be treating them with respect in the future.
    • Motherhood certainly changes you forever but not always in obvious or particularly visible ways.
  • 2

    (a long time)
    to take forever tardar una eternidad / un siglo
    • we can't wait here forever no podemos esperar aquí eternamente / per sécula seculórum
    • The sound continued for what felt like forever, then abruptly stopped, the silence overwhelming her.
    • His muscles began to ache again as he continued doing this for what seemed like forever.
    • We talked for what seemed like forever, we always seemed to have plenty to talk about.
    • It's such a long name that you have to wait around forever for them to be done saying it.
    • The bishop, Father, Henry and the others were moving towards him, taking forever to arrive.
    • So I stood feeling annoyed and slightly helpless as the pause that now felt like forever continued to stretch on in front of me.
    • It took forever for her to realize I had moved on and I considered her a thing of the past.
    • I lay there for what seemed like forever before I could breathe, let alone move.
    • I had decided to put my hair in a bun with curls, and my hair usually takes forever to get just right.
    • Rejas finds himself drawn to her, but takes forever making a move, not that anything can come of it, of course.
    • For what seemed like forever, neither of them moved a muscle or their gaze from one another.
    • Well, Larry, in my experience as a fed, it takes the feds forever to move on anything.
  • 3

    I'm forever having to remind him tengo que estar constantemente recordándoselo
    • She ran into the dense wood trying to hide but he was always there, forever catching up to her.
    • You cannot expect him to continue playing forever like he used to when was 25.
    • She needs constant care and it is not fair that she is forever on the move.
    • I was forever tugging at my clothes or moving to the back row when we lined up for photographs.
    • Twombly's brush and pencil are always moving, his fingers forever in the paint.
    • A team from the State is forever on the move, reaching out to the people and inviting them over.
    • He lived like a man forever falling in love with his wife and child and family.
    • We were not thinking about turning ourselves into geriatric backpackers, forever on the move.
    • Lisa noted the way his light brown hair fell over his forehead and the way he was forever pushing it back.
    • Sophie has long brown hair that is forever getting in her face while she paints.
    • For those forever on the move nothing is quite as appealing as a tailback on the M8.
    • These people always spend the effort to look at me and forever love whatever I wear.
    • He took a deep breath and said a quick prayer for courage, then he moved on with his life, a life that would forever seem empty and pointless.