Traducción de forked en Español:


ahorquillado, adj.

Pronunciación /fɔrkt//fɔːkt/


  • 1

    (branch/stick) ahorquillado
    (tongue) bífido
    (lightning) en zigzag
    • With a wing span of up to 5ft and a distinctive long, forked tail, the red kite is a scavenger by nature and akin to a vulture.
    • Carrots grown on heavy soils may produce considerable leaf growth and forked roots.
    • With her tiny feet splayed in a ‘V’, the impression of a mermaid's forked tail is complete.
    • All five species of frigatebirds are large black birds with long forked tails and angled wings.
    • He said they were very common and that they are identified by their forked tails.
    • It was common to find diviners with their forked sticks trying to identify rich seams.
    • He did so with great precision, and revealed a forked tunnel leading underground.
    • Or maybe he can't wear a suit because of his forked tail, we're not sure.
    • He dropped each one into the bucket, and his mother pushed them under with a forked stick.
    • Most are made out of whatever materials are at hand - forked poles or irregular logs.
    • Both members of the pair build the nest, which is suspended from a horizontally forked branch.
    • He tickled the snake's chin gently, and in turn got his finger tickled by the forked tongue.
    • One team member stood in the canoe pushing a long forked pole to guide the canoe through the grasses.
    • This is a forked stick around which the carded wool sausages are wound.
    • It has a very deep, narrow body with a forked tailfin and is very slimy.
    • The research showed that the forked nanotubes amplify current, a necessary property for transistors.
    • It looks like a heavily armed warrior, with a horned helmet and a vicious forked tail.
    • Team coaches using long forked sticks held the poles upright.
    • Long wings, forked tails and swooping graceful flight usually identify swallows.
    • Because of the forked file structure, it is often necessary to encode Mac files before transferring them on the Internet or to other operating systems.