Traducción de former en Español:


antiguo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfɔrmər//ˈfɔːmə/


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    (earlier, previous)
    (prime minister/champion) antiguo
    my former wife/husband mi exesposa/exesposo
    • in former days / times antiguamente
    • a former member of the team un antiguo miembro / un exmiembro del equipo
    • The former Minister under the previous Government might have, but I doubt that.
    • Tonight, Larry's guest will be former vice presidential candidate John Edwards.
    • In those states where former dictators won elections, no real reform has taken place.
    • As former colonies gained statehood, the practice frequently continued but steadily lost adherents.
    • Previous solo albums by former Blur guitarist Graham Coxon were almost the sound of a man apologising for having once been in the charts.
    • We must not return to the days when former Home Secretaries cut police numbers.
    • Only this one remaining pair now choose Ilkley for their summer residence as a reminder of former years.
    • She creates a character who is past her prime, still clinging to her former glory but feeling it slip away.
    • The celebration continued with a reception where former colleagues, students and friends shared remembrances.
    • Mrs Sharp added that former pupils from as far back as 1912 had returned to join in the fun.
    • Their judgment was based on fresh evidence from a former boyfriend of the alleged victim which showed her evidence was unreliable.
    • As former administrative vice finance minister, Lin was the executive secretary of the stabilization fund until Wednesday.
    • If we are successful, we can begin to restore this once majestic ancient woodland to its former glory.
    • In 1950, it need not have hired former Communist party members.
    • I don't have a problem being critical of players, even former teammates.
    • It's easy to forget the former blight and decay of this part of Southwark.
    • Much of this area, mostly former French colonies, is sparsely populated.
    • The team that starred at World Cup 02 are a shadow of their former selves and won't be in Germany this summer.
    • I went back day after day to study it more, my former explorations temporarily forgotten.
    • The former member of her boyfriend's legal team was taken to a police station in the Manchester area and questioned by detectives.
    • All regret for the past is vain; every desire to revert to a former social stage is unreal.
    • The Spirit of Christmas Past takes Scrooge back to critical moments in his former life.
    • We'll talk with former vice presidential candidate Jack Kemp about the government's role in maintaining prosperity.
    • We can see the mistakes and crimes of the past, and the seductive delusions of former times have lost their glamour.
    • One former team-mate was caught and exposed by the tabloids for having an affair.
    • Euro RSCG Arks has lost several major accounts and shrunk to a third of its former size in the past two years.
    • In fact, she was a former bankrupt who had previously been charged with insurance fraud.
    • The former cricket umpire had previously been picked up once every three months by ambulance for check-ups at the hospital.
    • The data show no previous information on the former positions held by fifteen cabinet officials.
    • In a nod to the county's former hippy past, the company's head chef is said to have formerly worked for the rock band Grateful Dead.
    • Not that one swallow makes a summer but there were flashes of former greatness.
    • New Governors are only appointed when former governors pass away.
    • When former Russian prime minister Yevgeny Primakov visited Seoul recently, he also noted this new Vietnam connection.
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    the former case/problem el primer caso/problema
    • The essence of the former view can be presented as follows.
    • If a choice were between law and order kept by private military companies and anarchy, most people would opt for the former.
    • At first I thought the former setup was more adaptable but I'm coming round to the idea that the latter has elegance.
    • The beauty of the former design was that it kept the past current without effort.
    • But, of the two, we tend to prefer the former on morphological grounds.
    • Given the choice between withdrawing or dying, he would almost certainly choose the former.
    • While the former long for the past, the latter try to come to terms with their dual identity as Chinese and Americans.
    • The former is a previous winner, while the latter has often come close without winning a cigar.
    • The left take precisely the opposite view, condemning the former assault but applauding the latter.
    • I am inclined to think that the evidence points to the former view.
    • Colin Samson clearly takes the former view of the of the Innu experience.
    • Psychologist Bob Altemeyer of the University of Manitoba subscribes to the former view.
    • But the more you celebrate the former, the less likely you are to notice the latter.
    • He submits that the landlord must have chosen the former of those two routes.
    • Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but more of the latter than the former.
    • I'd tend towards the former view, but I realise that's not usually how the world works.
    • The most common reading among Marxist activists has been the former.
    • In the classical view, the former component becomes zero at the endodermis.
    • Aquinas leans in the direction of the former view, but realizes that the latter could in fact be the case.
    • In my view, however, a claim of the former kind is plainly raised, albeit there is also a claim under the express indemnity clause.


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    the former la primera