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fortificación, n.

Pronunciación /ˌfɔrdəfəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n//ˌfɔːtɪfɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/



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    (defensive works)
    fortificación femenino
    • Despite all of the attention currently focused on low-carb and fortification in the dairy sector, some consumers still want their milk and ice cream without all the nips and tucks.
    • The wall is part of the castle fortifications and if the weather is warm enough to use the terrace you can hear the piper on the ramparts.
    • Burrington believes consumers have an interest in seeing fortification, in general, across the dairy sector.
    • Where dietary and food processing conditions are favourable, fortification can be effective quickly and at low cost.
    • However, she believes that challenges emerge when processors attempt to move beyond such basic fortification.
    • Consequently, many army and navy officers urged improvements in U.S. armaments and urged a program of new coastal fortification.
    • This timeframe would be used to bolster beach fortifications and supply depots.
    • It proved to be a Bronze Age culture, its economy well developed and prosperous but with no defensive fortifications to protect it.
    • In some measure, this attitude to fortification reflected the contemporary state of military engineering art in the West and Russia.
    • The fortification process simply restores the product to its original healthy profile.
    • There are also remains of old castles and medieval fortifications and magnificent examples of rural homesteads.
    • We battled for folic acid fortification - and we won!
    • He built and strengthened fortifications on the coast with a view to protecting the outer flank of the State from invasions from the sea.
    • Although fixed fortifications can deter assault, they have one exploitable weakness: their immobility.
    • Using survey data, ARS researchers examine diets as a factor in select diseases and help public policy officials make decisions about food safety and food fortification.
    • In the past, nutrition programs for iron fortification and the ingestion of iron preparations have been widely practiced because of the seriousness of worldwide iron deficiency.
    • The case for promoting fortification of foods with zinc in developing countries may seem strong, but experience of how best to do it is limited and it may not be a suitable approach in many countries.
    • Such a position could solve the choice issue, but this strategy has not proved effective for fortification.
    • Nonetheless, the abundant forests of Russia and New Zealand had a greater impact on war and fortification than war and fortification had upon the forests.
    • Mortars were originally developed for siege warfare to lob munitions over walls and other fortifications.
    • He did so, promptly, blasting his way through any walls or fortifications he came across.
    • Current recommendations for general food fortification likely will benefit only older children and adults who consume sufficient quantities of these foods.
    • Not about to sit by idly as other categories steal their calcium franchise, dairy processors have turned to fortification to recapture share of stomach.
    • The folic acid could be taken as tablets by high risk patients, and possibly supplied to the general public through food fortification or a combination of both.
    • His fortifications at Bunker Hill set a standard of service for engineers that continues to this day.
    • When I was a kid, high walled fortifications were virtually impenetrable to infantry or cavalry.
    • A much more realistic option is to start with soup, and if you need a little more fortification, slug some brandy into your coffee.
    • Over the next few years, millions of tons of cement and steel were used to build defensive fortifications.
    • By providing increased firepower, it both made fortification more difficult, and undermined the power of cavalry.
    • Because up to one half of pregnancies are unplanned and neural tube defects often occur before many women are aware that they are pregnant, food fortification is particularly important.
    • However, the very lack of distance had been identified by the Germans and they had built massive fortifications all around the area.
    • Probably most agricultural societies in world history built defensive fortifications of wood.
    • The fortifications surrounding the wall will be some 100 metres wide.
    • In the early 920s Edward the Elder recovered the town, and built fortifications and a connecting bridge.
    • Furthermore, illegal fortifications violate the DMZ virtually to the centerline.
    • Each category within the industry markets its items to one population segment or another, whether through flavor variety, nutritional fortification or manner of use.
    • They scurried to plant batteries, dig trenches and strengthen their fortifications.
    • Improved protective designs for field fortifications and base camps have been developed for field forces.
    • It was built about 1370 as part of the fortifications on the east wall of the city.
    • His fieldwork has spanned the millennia - from Stone Age remains in Scotland to Second World War fortifications.
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    (act of fortifying)
    fortificación femenino
    I could do with a little fortification no me vendría mal un reconstituyente humorístico