Traducción de forty en Español:


cuarenta, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɔːti//ˈfɔrdi/


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    cuarenta masculino
    see also seventy
    • Now forty thousand years ago is about as early as modern humans got to Europe.
    • The latter is used as a frame in section four, where forty pros and cons of paper versus electronic products are reviewed.
    • It was taken for granted that children would accompany their parents to church and sit quietly through a sermon lasting forty to fifty minutes.
    • I had no idea what response I might get: forty or fifty signatures would, I thought, be good.
    • The colonels are hitting the enemy with forty to fifty air strikes a day.
    • They met men confined to prison for thirty, forty, or fifty years, no one knowing why they were there in the first place.
    • Some were made for one person only, others for forty, fifty or more.
    • Somewhere between forty and fifty people attended, and we finished sixteen bottles of champagne over a two hour period.
    • They service 850 customer airlines in forty countries on four continents.
    • It may mean that you are in one of the forty to fifty thousand households with their names on the growing local authority housing waiting lists.
    • Considering he has authored forty to fifty books, that should be quite a project.
    • Over the past forty or fifty years, exposure to indoor air pollutants has increased.
    • Mr O'Neill said in the first three years of the operation of the anti-drugs scheme between forty and fifty players had been tested each year.
    • It's a right-wing group with about forty or fifty thousand members around the world.
    • I thought they would be hitting it forty or fifty yards past me, but that wasn't the case.
    • Then, with a beating of drums, forty or fifty well-built villagers filed out of the temple and took up their stations along the side of the tank parapet.
    • I've travelled to over forty different countries in four years.
    • A stream bed forty or fifty feet wide is mostly dried mud, with only a pool or two of standing water.
    • It adds up to only 100 people around the world, but somehow there are forty to fifty organizations.
    • Even then, they sometimes played to off-Broadway numbers of forty or fifty people a night.


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    (invariable adjective) cuarenta