Traducción de foul-up en Español:


desastre, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfaʊl ˌəp//ˈfaʊlʌp/



  • 1

    desastre masculino
    cagada femenino vulgar slang
    • With his cynical estimate of a parliament costing £40m he ensured that the eventual bill was always going to look spendthrift, even without the foul-ups and extras that took its price to £431m.
    • The assumption is that Governor Davis will be re-elected out in California, but assumption is the mother of all foul-ups.
    • Any good quality triage is swamped by the flood of poor decisions and technical foul-ups.
    • A phone foul-up on ‘American Idol’ means remaining contestants have another shot at stardom.
    • You can't afford foul-ups, especially those that cost lives.
    • Because of hockey, no one remembers the epic transportation foul-ups at the 1980 Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid.
    • ‘We are just like you,’ he said, ‘waiting for the first foul-up.’
    • In his letter yesterday, he described a lengthy anatomy of his service collapse, and took readers through the layers of technical foul-ups.
    • When a person dies due to a foul-up, a coroner inevitably offers recommendations on how such disasters could be henceforth avoided.
    • She referred in her memo to improper political considerations that were going on that contributed to a lot of these foul-ups.
    • There's been a foul-up with the distributor.
    • Some of the sloppiness that makes fraud and foul-ups in election counts possible seems to be built into the system by design.
    • Tee times and transportation are arranged either by ship personnel or onboard golf tour operators working with the line, eliminating any language problem or communication foul-ups.
    • And on a scale of foul-ups it could not really have been much worse.
    • Afflicted by teacher absenteeism, administrative foul-ups that leave students with nowhere to attend class, and falling student performance, administration of the nation's schools is still a challenge.
    • How many chances for foul-ups can you count in this electronic wonderworld?
    • For all Campbell's reputation as a master of the black arts of spinning and news management, his record was a long series of presentational disasters and news-management foul-ups.
    • In spite of such a foul-up of their finances the players have harnessed a heart-warming team spirit that has surfaced in its most public manifestation in the home victories over Swansea and Carlisle.
    • And what about reports that the filming of Moulin Rouge was a nightmare, with escalating tempers and production foul-ups?
    • Given mysterious foul-ups in the delivery of ballots by mail, the deadline for voting has been extended from April 22 to May 6.