Traducción de foul play en Español:

foul play

actos delictivos, n.


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    actos delictivos masculino
    they suspect foul play sospechan que se trata de una estafa (or un crimen etc.)
    • Authorities are still investigating the reasons behind the fall, but do not believe that foul play was involved.
    • According to the police chief, there is no evidence of foul play.
    • It's a comic turn that really pays off, and ties neatly into the story's central themes of deception, foul play and murder.
    • Technical examinations were continuing at the house last night to establish the cause of the fire, but Gardaí said foul play is not suspected.
    • Police officials said the death appears to be of natural causes and no foul play is suspected.
    • Some privately suggested that they suspected foul play and planned to question the commission on the specific results Monday.
    • An inquest is planned, though no foul play is suspected.
    • We just seem to think there was probably foul play involved.
    • No cause of death was given but foul play is not suspected.
    • A Garda spokesperson said that they were not looking for anyone in connection with the incident and that foul play was not suspected.
    • An autopsy on his body has ruled out foul play and his death is judged to be a suicide.
    • Detectives said the case will remain open pending the completion of toxicology tests, but no foul play was suspected.
    • The circumstances of his death excited questions of foul play.
    • Needless to say, if the police suspect some kind of foul play, there could be further inquiries, and possibly arrests as well.
    • Police are not commenting on whether or not this is a case of runaways or if foul play is suspected, but they would like Southeast residents to provide tips.
    • Police now suspect foul play and they're asking us for our help.
    • Police said that foul play is suspected in his death, but have reported no leads.
    • A Garda spokesman said officers did not suspect foul play.
    • Police in Northern Ireland have ruled out any foul play in Fulton's death.
    • However, the bank did say it did not suspect foul play.
  • 2Britanico

    (unfair action)
    juego sucio masculino
    • New South Wales replacement Ryan McGoldrick was yellow-carded for foul play as he attempted to stop near the line.
    • Based on these figures, it can be calculated that approximately half of all the injuries during the tournaments were caused by foul play.
    • West Park tried to rally in the final quarter despite having a fourth player sent to the bin for foul play, and the visitors were boosted by a penalty try decision.
    • Restricting penalties to offside culprits and foul play is long overdue since, as things stand, improper binding in a scrum can result in three points being handed to the opposition.
    • There is a fine line between standing up for your team-mates and indulging in serious foul play but Pratt insists his actions went beyond the pale.
    • Lagan lost a player due to foul play and that situation may have weakened their offense.
    • This glorious sport must be freed from brutality and foul play.
    • As the NUYS team shielded their opponents' attack with some tough defending, this resulted in some foul play and a penalty was awarded.
    • There's too much foul play and violence in football.
    • The referee awarded only a penalty for the foul play, and the full-back remained on the field.
    • Persistent foul play or cynical moves such as deliberate handball would see the player sent to the sin-bin.
    • Surely assisting the referee with decisions on foul play would assist the ref as well.
    • He was charged with serious foul play and suspended for three games.
    • He had no tolerance for messing with refs and foul play.
    • For, despite - in general - an absence of serious foul play, the tournament has produced five red cards.
    • Ignoring or not noticing the foul play the referee crowns the miscreant as the wrestling champion.
    • 56 mins: Another England penalty for foul play in the front row.
    • This will help rid the game of deliberate cheating and foul play.
    • A penalty for foul play and backchat gave Booth yet another shot at goal.
    • The Bramley discipline was in danger of completely collapsing at this stage which led to Cooke converting two penalties for foul play.