Hay 2 traducciones principales de found en Español

: found1found2


Pronunciación /faʊnd//faʊnd/


Hay 2 traducciones principales de found en Español

: found1found2


fundar, v.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(establish)

      (society/company) fundar
      • His father was once an NU chairman, and his grandfather founded the organization.
      • I worked in Vienna in a therapeutic home which was founded by some American Quakers after the war.
      • In 1997, she founded the School Leadership Academy, a nonprofit organization that fosters creative educational leadership.
      • Berkeley Primary School was founded in 1930, originally as separate infant and junior schools.
      • Fraternal organizations founded by one group would not admit members of the other groups.
      • The school was originally founded by Thomas, Earl of Derby in 1509 and stood in what is now the grounds of Blackburn Cathedral.
      • A gild dedicated to the Virgin Mary was founded there in the early 15th century.
      • Winn-Dixie was founded by his grandfather, father and uncles.
      • It was part of Rolls-Royce, one of the world's largest manufacturers of jet engines, which grew out of the original car-making company founded by Henry Rolls.
      • A company is originally founded by an engineer or scientist with an entrepreneurial streak.
      • The school was founded in May 1969 when Holly Champion was chairman of the education committee.
      • The Royal National Lifeboat Institution was founded.
      • The club was originally founded in Monasterevin in 1989.
      • The traditional women's organizations drew her support, as did those founded for newer purposes.
      • The association was founded over 15 years ago and has 14 volunteers on a regular basis.
      • He told them, of course, that a colony founded on Quaker principles should not arm itself.
      • The company got its start in 1964 by Bill Ellis, who originally founded the company to publish limited-edition prints.
      • Just as the Apple computer appeared, two researchers founded a company called Adobe and developed the laser printer.
      • The town was formerly a Roman military installation and a Benedictine monastery was founded there in the ninth century.
      • In the colonial period, a number of major colleges were founded primarily for the purpose of educating clergymen.

    • 1.2founding present participle

      founding member fundador masculino

    • 1.3(construct)

      (town/settlement) fundar
      • In fact, the settlement was founded by immigrants from Hertfordshire - second and third sons seeking riches in the New World, far from their more fortunate first-born brothers.
      • Life in the island goes on almost like it did in the 14th century when the settlement was founded.
      • The currently generally accepted view is that this settlement was founded by the Salyes, a culturally homogeneous group by this time, around 190 BC.
      • The Spanish founded several settlements along the coast, and Honduras formed part of the colonial era Captaincy General of Guatemala.
      • They also introduced many new names as they founded new settlements.
      • The Scots who founded the Otago settlement had a great concern with education and from 1858 moves were afoot to build an Athenaeum to contain a reading room, a library and a museum.
      • Diego Velázquez began permanent settlement in 1511, founding Baracoa on the northeastern coast.
      • The whole initial cost of founding the settlement was less than £250,000, all of which was paid by the settlers.
      • Scottish immigrants founded a settlement in Dunedin in 1848 with William Cargill as the resident agent.
      • The settlement was founded in 628BC, and such was its bounding economic success that, within 100 years, seven temples were under construction.
      • In the mid-1830s the Kendall settlers gave impetus to the westward movement of Norwegians by founding a settlement in the Fox River area of Illinois.
      • On his return north he founded a settlement known as Kartharpur (the Abode of God) on the western banks of the Ravi river.
      • Industries were established soon after the settlement was founded - a brewery in 1843 and a flax mill, a tannery, solar salt works and a woollen mill by 1845.
      • He was born in the town of St Gallen, which was founded by an Irish monk named Gallus.
      • Not all of the early English settlements were founded entirely as commercial operations, though all of them depended on trade for their livelihood.
      • To the west of the Quay is the Rocks, where the first non-Aboriginal settlement was founded.
      • It was 1100BC when the Phoenician traders first founded a settlement on a site of the town that now proudly boasts it is the oldest continually inhabited city in western Europe.
      • In 1508 he founded the settlement of Caparra and in 1509 he was made governor.
      • In 1565, Spain claimed the Mariana Islands, but a colonial settlement was not founded until 1668.
      • During the first summer he founded the settlement at Boston and some thousands of new settlers came in.

    • 1.4(endow)

      (school/church/hospital) fundar

  • 2

    to found sth on sth fundar algo en algo
    • his suspicions were well-/ill-founded sus sospechas estaban bien fundadas/eran infundadas
    • It should be a given, based on the principles it was founded on.
    • The company was founded on the principle that art can be a powerful force.
    • The very notion of service is founded on the premise that you give more than you get.
    • National is terribly clear that we support the idea that this nation is founded on the principle that we are all equal before the law, that we all have equal rights of participation in our Government.
    • Why, this country was founded on such principles.
    • Her empire is founded on the principle that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and that things done smartly are satisfying to use and joyous to experience.
    • As Tim and others have reminded us at great length, this nation was founded on the principles of the Declaration of Independence.
    • Many of today's girls' schools are founded on a commercial basis.
    • This is what you get when your rules are not founded on principle.
    • Our country was founded on the principle that responsibility comes with rights, not the other way around.
    • Like it or not, our society for the most part was founded on a basic principle of freedom of choice.
    • These movies were good because they were founded on an idea: the force.
    • America's democratic republic is founded on the principle that all men are created equal.
    • The band was founded on three basic ideas: there would be no designated rehearsal time; in fact, set rehearsals were ‘officially banned’.
    • What I mean by that is, neither country is founded on some set-the-world-on-fire idea.
    • In this, they're denying both the evidence that our justice system does make mistakes, and the very principles it is founded on.
    • Indeed, it is founded on the idea that there is no definitive solution.
    • We suggest that self-effacing humor is founded on the premise of aggression.
    • Their world is founded on principles and reasons so different from you, it is heresy you are guilty of, and you will pay.
    • I certainly stand by my assertion that the country was not founded on a principle of progressive taxation.
  • 3

    (melt and mold)
    (glass/metal) fundir
    • The double decker bridge, one of only three in New Zealand, was founded on cast iron cylinders sunk into the river bed.