Hay 2 traducciones principales de founder en Español

: founder1founder2


fundador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfaʊndər//ˈfaʊndə/


  • 1

    fundador masculino
    fundadora femenino
    before noun founder member fundadora femenino
    • Plenty of the founder members couldn't make it this close to Christmas, so January's event may well be larger.
    • He was a founder member of many scientific establishments, including the Paediatric Pathology Society and the Society for Research into Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida.
    • The group founders set the original rules, but they can be changed by vote of the active PMC members.
    • Wilks was a founder member of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.
    • Theresa Merritt, one of the founder members, said: ‘At the moment we have ten ladies who train regularly every week.’
    • And they were the original founder members of the European Community - a team of six which includes France, but not Britain.
    • She was determined that ‘never again’ should families go through the same ordeal and became a founder member and national coordinator of the National Committee Relating to Organ Retention.
    • But Mr Milner, director of Keighley iron founders Leach and Thompson, said there were dozens of examples of manufacturers in the district switching jobs overseas.
    • He was also a founder member of Clonmore Development Association, being its first chairman.
    • But already the founders have established two key areas of need - including facilities for young people.
    • A founder member of the Rochdale Art Society, Donald Taylor was very well known for oil and watercolour landscapes, mainly depicting the Lake District, the Pennines, the Yorkshire Dales and Whitby.
    • The founder member of a branch of an army organisation has been commemorated with a donation towards cancer research.
    • The 16 founder members decided it made better sense to bury their differences in the area of staff training and promotion of careers in the sector rather than continue the zero-sum game of poaching talent from each other.
    • By 1840 business directories in New York City listed thirteen iron founders, and sixteen the following year.
    • However, the director admits that as a founder member of the theatre's company, appearing in over 20 productions, it's nice to come full circle and give something back to the theatre where his career began.
    • However, the term is nothing more than ‘a marketing idea used to sell books,’ Slashdot founder Rob Malda believes.
    • We usually invest $6000n in each company, where n is the number of participating founders.
    • When the 11 founder members of the euro fused their currencies in January 1999, European policymakers promised they were launching an economic powerhouse on the world to rival America.
    • A founder member of the original Bradford Festival committee, Dusty Rhodes, is now leading the Reclaim Bradford Festival campaign to bring the organisation back to local people.
    • The names of the founders of some other, specific religious groups can often be found in the main statistical database, although that is not the purpose of that database.
    • Archaeologists say they have unearthed Lupercale - the sacred cave where, according to legend, a she-wolf nursed the twin founders of Rome and where the city itself was born.
    • He played table tennis, tennis and cricket, and was one of the founder members of Western Athletics Club when it was established in the late 1970s.

Hay 2 traducciones principales de founder en Español

: founder1founder2


hundirse, v.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(sink)

      (ship) hundirse
      (ship) zozobrar
      (ship) irse a pique
      • Nearly a century later, sledding down the Horton, Vilhjalmur Stefansson learned of the Titanic's sinking a full three months and ten days after the ocean liner had foundered in the North Atlantic.
      • The subject is an Afro-Brazilian sailor who saved many lives when his ship foundered along the coast of Brazil.
      • The worst-case scenario is that his ship will founder and spill its load of heavy fuel into the ocean.
      • But before long the boat foundered on a sand-bank and all we could do was wait for the tide.
      • Rather than asking why the ship foundered, Howell investigates how this maritime disaster acquired wider cultural and social significance in the years before World War I.
      • In 1822 the Tek Sing foundered on a reef off the Java coast and sank within minutes.
      • In 1629, the Dutch ship Batavia foundered off the coast of Western Australia.
      • A letter written by a Titanic passenger who left the ship before it foundered on its maiden voyage was sold for £13,000 at a Yorkshire auction yesterday.
      • Some twenty Spanish ships foundered on the west coast.
      • Twenty Armada ships were to founder on the Irish rocks.
      • It is assumed that the vessel foundered in an instant but violent storm.
      • When a small boat foundered in the seas to the north of Australia and its passengers were rescued by the MV Tampa, the ship came to symbolise this choice between control and chaos.
      • Barshef says the ships around him all foundered.
      • The collector, who does not want to be named, told the Sunday Herald that despite checking with Titanic societies in the US and the UK, no other documents had been found stating that the ship could not founder.
      • So many ships have foundered along this coast, driven onto its reefs by storms or lured there by wreckers' lights, that pieces from Spanish galleons still wash up with the tide.
      • The Sydney, with superior speed and firepower, raked the German ship, which limped to North Keeling where she foundered on the reef.
      • That the Prime Minister's ship almost foundered on that ‘rock’ appears to have made little difference.
      • The South Island was formed, they say, when a canoe full of 150 gods foundered on a reef.
      • If it is not covered, the boat will founder in this tempest, and the ocean will summarily swallow the sailors and their dream.
      • The vessel foundered at around 3pm but, unusually, the plane failed to conduct the scheduled afternoon flight.

    • 1.2(fail)

      (plan/project) irse a pique
      (plan/project) zozobrar
      • A French and German proposal foundered last year on precisely the same issue.
      • But the plan foundered when the owner refused to enter into any discussions and the council was unable to make any progress.
      • Members of the GMB union at the plant had called out their members on a 24-hour strike after negotiations with management over this year's pay round foundered on a proposed productivity deal.
      • Nothing, of course, came of this, as his proposals foundered on the rock-like conservatism of his profession.
      • If the current negotiations over a grand coalition should founder, these plans could be quickly revived.
      • Throughout the 1990s, under the previous administration - which is no longer giving support to this moratorium - those proposals foundered.
      • In the mass mobilisation wars of the 20th century, several public health plans that had foundered for lack of public support in peace time came to seem necessary for the war effort.
      • In Scotland, the risky strategy could founder on the traditional perils of the nation's health bureaucracy.
      • Although several individuals had been keen to buy the house, their plans always foundered when he questioned whether they had the financial resources to carry the project through.
      • The association suggested the appointment of a further commissioner from a panel representing bus users but the proposal foundered in the absence of more general support.
      • The socialists had an egalitarian dream, the achievement of which inevitably foundered under their managerial inexperience and the unyielding zeal of their convictions.
      • And if shareholders believe a board is biased toward the interests of management, a buyout proposal can quickly founder.
      • Negotiations, already a year behind schedule, have foundered on divisions between rich and poor nations.
      • But both proposals foundered because of the difficulties in finding groups prepared to donate £2m.
      • The scheme soon foundered, being rejected by the colonial Premiers when they gathered in London for the two Colonial Conferences of 1887 and 1897.
      • They mention three controversial proposals that allegedly foundered on contributors' influence.
      • An attempted comeback last year foundered when he failed again to secure a place on the Tour, and in June he booked himself into a clinic that specialised in depression and drug addiction.
      • This plan foundered more through the sheer impracticability of the proposals than obstruction by officials.
      • So our revolution continues, and our ideals must struggle against the human tendencies and the social forces that would cause our experiment to founder and fail.
      • Attempts to introduce a new price structure have foundered on the implacable opposition of Norwegian-controlled companies.

  • 2

    (horse) dar un traspié
    • My mother was an orphan hedgewitch, healer, and midwife of small means until one of my father's horses foundered nearly on her doorstep.
    • The pony, who is locked up so he won't founder, started galloping up and down the fenceline when I switched on the light.
    • Recently, he foundered in his left fore, which was very acute.
    • Only a few months later, the handsome sorrel foundered and his bid for a World Championship ended.
    • Keep donkeys off the sweet feed and grain, as they can founder and develop laminitis just as horses do.
    • Don't feed straight corn, because goats will founder and have hoof problems, Finch advised.