Traducción de fountain en Español:


fuente, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfaʊnt(ə)n//ˈfaʊntɪn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(ornamental)

      fuente femenino
      • The enjoyment of water was evident in garden grottoes and nymphae structures in which fountains, cascades and pools were choreographed to create an appropriately sybaritic milieu.
      • A timed fountain gushes water in changing patterns; it looks almost as though the water were dancing.
      • He rested five feet away on a bench surrounding a stone fountain, a cigarette held limp within two fingers.
      • Non-living structures include equipment, statues, urns, fountains and pools of water.
      • There was a large water fountain in the middle.
      • And the fountains burbling in the background are very soothing.
      • In the centre, an ornamental pond displays more fountains and more light, water reflecting off water to create an infinite array of mirror image distortion.
      • A white marble fountain was rooted in the middle of wide white marble stairs leading to the second story.
      • He noticed the large water fountain in the middle and felt a little vengeful.
      • There were floating candles that decorated the pool and the fountain, as well as ornamental flowers arrangements.
      • He sat by the fountain in the garden in the center of the school.
      • We soon came to a large village square with a beautiful fountain in the center.
      • However, the large stone fountain in front was still running, shooting water from three different places.
      • Soon, Talia saw a beautiful marble fountain with water shooting up from its top and then splashing back down.
      • I am perched on an old stone fountain surrounded by red flowers when the phone rings.
      • The main facade will feature a curving glass wall that encloses the cafe, and a ‘wall of water’ created by rectangular pools with pencil-jet fountains.
      • The musical dancing fountain offers a synchronised rhythmic ballet of water, sound and lights.
      • According to the plan, the water supply to fountains, swimming pools or for street cleaning was cut.
      • A small fountain, a pool of water or a miniature waterfall adds to the charm of rock gardens.
      • There was a huge circular fountain in front of it.

    • 1.2(spray, jet)

      chorro masculino
      a fountain of water un surtidor
      • A fountain of sparks spurted up, falling in a shower around the boy, bent over in concentration.
      • The poker circled slowly, sending up fountains of sparks.
      • It seemed as if fountains of dust were pouring from the sky, falling gently, flickering in the sunlight.
      • The fire adjusted itself with a crash, sending up a fountain of sparks.

    • 1.3drinking fountain

      fuente femenino
      bebedero masculino México Cono Sur

  • 2literario

    manantial masculino literario
    fuente femenino
    • Therefore, consumers should not expect to find a fountain of youth in a jar.
    • From attitude and ambition springs forth a fountain of possibility.
    • To him, water seemed like a fountain of knowledge and a symbol of life.
    • If he finds the fountain of youth, the Spurs have a shot.
    • We need to start the fountain of truth before we all die of thirst.
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