Traducción de four-wheel drive en Español:

four-wheel drive

tracción integral, n.

Pronunciación /ˌfɔr ˌ(h)wil ˈdraɪv//ˌfɔːˌwiːl ˈdrʌɪv/


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    tracción integral femenino
    tracción a cuatro ruedas femenino
    before noun a four-wheel drive vehicle un vehículo con tracción en las cuatro ruedas
    • Police in four-wheel-drive vehicles and on horseback patrolled the beaches while dog squads, bicycle units and foot patrols roamed the streets.
    • It accelerates faster because it has four-wheel-drive traction.
    • The car also marks the 25th anniversary of the Audi-pioneered four-wheel-drive system that has changed the face of international rallying.
    • Over the last decade, it has gone to rack and ruin and is now a haunt for bikers and four-wheel-drive vehicles.
    • Some modern Bedu have acquired trucks and other four-wheel-drive vehicles to replace the camel as transportation.
    • Madras Road was virtually impassable to traffic, allowing only for four-wheel-drive vehicles and trucks, which could go up to a certain point and then turn back.
    • Emergency doctors in the region have a new fleet of four-wheel-drive vehicles which will help them get to its more remote areas.
    • We had four desert equipped four-wheel-drive vehicles, two landrovers and two Bedford lorries.
    • Transportation is by train, tram, motorcoach, and four-wheel-drive vehicles.
    • It has called on the expertise of Porsche, Borg Warner, Sachs and Bosch to sort out suspension, fuel injection and the four-wheel-drive system.
    • We leave the relatively smooth dirt roads previously flattened by NGO supply lorries and four-wheel-drive jeeps.
    • Access to the Buller River mouth is now only possible by four-wheel-drive vehicles travelling along the beach, as a private road has apparently been closed.
    • Grinding forward in low gear, the four-wheel-drive truck bucks and sways along the dirt track.
    • Australian images still rely heavily - and effectively - on rural symbolism, be it in selling beer or four-wheel-drive vehicles to the urban market.
    • I thought at one time that it was because we live in a semi-rural position in the Pennines that you see lots of four-wheel-drive vehicles.
    • The officer, using a four-wheel-drive vehicle, plowed through snowdrifts three to four feet high.
    • He was charged with a high-range drink-driving offence after his four-wheel-drive vehicle hit an electricity pole on August 24.
    • The poorly grated dirt road challenges even four-wheel-drive vehicles.
    • We are all aware that occupants of small, light cars take the brunt of damage and injury in collisions with the big four-wheel-drive vehicles.
    • The transactions totalled more than £5m and helped prompt a spending spree on four-wheel-drive vehicles in Pakistan.