Traducción de fourth en Español:


cuarto, adj.

Pronunciación /fɔːθ//fɔrθ/


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    see also fifth
    • It is all the more striking that, throughout the fifth and fourth centuries, the generalship could be held repeatedly.
    • The team's fourth management team in four years is now in place.
    • They also brought the fourth official from four hours away from somewhere in Co. Clare, and a linesman from Laois.
    • This was their fourth defeat out of four and their third in the last four years.
    • While Michael was setting a world mark, Nat rolled to her fourth win in four tries.
    • A left hook ends it one minute, four seconds into the fourth round.
    • This is my fourth match in four days - footballers start whingeing about being tired if they're involved in more than one a week.
    • By challenging the need for contact between the two sexes, Greek myths of the fifth and fourth centuries bc express unease about the need for women as a means to continue the human race.
    • And then, once I got the joiner to agree to my fourth stair design in four days, the only way was up.
    • China, which constitutes the fourth border, does an equally forbidding job of keeping outsiders at bay.
    • We were married four days after the fourth anniversary of our meeting each other.
    • Notably, delinquencies rose in all four regions during the fourth quarter.
    • Medical errors in the NHS now constitute the fourth largest cause of death in Britain.
    • In the past, when considering whether or not he would stand for a fourth term, the Constitution did not appear to matter.
    • Three of the other churches are dedicated to St. Gregory, who brought Christianity to Armenia at the beginning of the fourth century.
    • It was the Bulgarian midfielder's fourth goal in four league matches.
    • You have the third ring, the fourth ring and the fifth ring.
    • And my goal in life is really to set up a third center, a fourth center, a fifth center in areas just like this.
    • He recorded his fourth save in four chances last week against the Indians.
    • This was his sixth championship match and he failed by only two runs to record his fourth century.


  • 1

    (in position, time, order)
    en cuarto lugar
  • 2

    en cuarto lugar
    see also fifth


  • 1

    • 1.1(part)

      cuarto masculino

    • 1.2Música

      cuarta femenino

  • 2also fourth gear

    cuarta femenino