Traducción de fox terrier en Español:

fox terrier

fox terrier, n.


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    fox terrier femenino
    • On one occasion, a woman had her underclothes stolen by a fox terrier.
    • There are two types of fox terrier, smooth haired and wire haired.
    • My parents' dog is a wire-haired fox terrier about eight years old.
    • Alexandra is a fox terrier and needs special grooming for her coat, so I take her to the farmers' market on the King's Road, which is the best place.
    • According to my vet, South Africans' favourite dogs are the everyday brak, the Labrador, Maltese poodle, Alsatian, Staffie, fox terrier, Rottweiler, Jack Russell, ridgeback and the boxer.
    • He was judged against a flat-coated retriever, a giant schnauzer, an Old English sheepdog, a wire fox terrier, a saluki hound and Pekingese toy dog.
    • She also likes running and mountain biking and has a fox terrier named Daisy.
    • There was nothing spectacular about the place where she'd been living, a condominium in west Los Angeles that she shared with her wire fox terrier, Jiggs.
    • Anyway they showed up in the filthiest old truck you've ever seen; peeling paint, balding tyres and a yapping fox terrier in the front.
    • She noted that on one site where remains of five dogs were found, three were ‘short-nosed, about fox terrier size’ - ideal for chasing rats out of their holes.
    • My dog had been trimmed and was battered looking, being a fox terrier it is possible that he was used as a fighting dog.
    • Three newly-recognized AKC breeds competing for the first time are the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, German pinscher, and toy fox terrier.
    • Terriers generally are happy, buoyant, and stubborn, and the fox terriers fit that bill quite well.
    • Every morning he walks his fox terriers, Ruby and Albert, in Battersea Park.
    • This woman bought a dog in Mexico, and they told her it was a Chihuahua, but when she brought it home, she discovered that in reality it was a wire-haired fox terrier!