Traducción de fracture en Español:


fractura, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfraktʃə//ˈfræk(t)ʃər/


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    fractura femenino
    • All indicate that, even at the greatest depths, the rocks are fractured and the fractures contain aqueous fluids.
    • If a break occurred in the skin overlying the fracture, it must be considered an open fracture, necessitating orthopedic referral.
    • Bone scanning is sensitive but not specific for detecting stress fractures, healing fractures, infections and tumors.
    • The latter do not include typical pegmatite minerals and appear mainly along the tectonic fractures present at this locality.
    • Stress fractures are partial fractures, often hairline cracks in the bone, caused by repeated stress.
    • Conditions such as an uncorrected fracture of the shin bone, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or Paget's disease can distort the ends of the bones and cause knock knee in adults.
    • My back was broken in two places - one break and one compressed fracture.
    • Along with the fractures, bone chips, and muscle strains, I received scars on my back, arms and shoulders, my forehead, and my knees.
    • Severe pain over a bone might indicate a fracture or an injury to a ligament.
    • As the magma in the intruding sill moves updip, the tensile stress on an intersecting fracture above the sill becomes greater, and the tensile strength of the sediments becomes less.
    • Quakes radiate along fault lines, which often are existing fractures in the rock but can also be created by a new line of breakage.
    • When fractures occur, the bone is not always broken completely.
    • Where limestone occurs adjacent to ironstone, it shows various stages of replacement by chert and hematitic material parallel to bedding and along fractures.
    • For an older person a hip fracture is a devastating injury that greatly increases disability and mortality.
    • He had a skull fracture, was in serious shock and had a compound leg fracture.
    • Direct injury to the spine may cause a bone fracture anywhere along your vertebral column.
    • This situation raises numerous possibilities for mineral reactions, especially when the fractures transect different rock types.
    • Many of the most ancient gold mines, and some of the more famous ones from modern times, were simple gold-bearing quartz - pyrite veins in faults and other fractures in rocks.
    • A previous spinal fracture is an important risk factor for subsequent hip fractures in both men and women.
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    fisura femenino
    grieta femenino

verbo transitivo

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    (shoulder/arm/bone) fracturar
    she fractured her arm se fracturó el brazo
  • 2EEUUanticuado, argot

    (make laugh)
    darle muchísima risa a

verbo intransitivo

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    (arm/bone/leg) fracturarse
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