Traducción de frame en Español:


armazón, n.

Pronunciación /freɪm//freɪm/


  • 1

    • 1.1(structure)

      (of building, ship, plane) armazón femenino
      (of car, motorcycle) bastidor masculino
      (of bicycle) cuadro masculino
      (of bicycle) marco masculino Colombia Chile
      (of bed, door) bastidor masculino
      before noun frame aerial antena de cuadro femenino
      • frame rucksack morral de / con armazón

    • 1.2(edge)

      (of picture) marco masculino
      (of window, door) marco masculino
      (of racket) armazón femenino
      (of racket) marco masculino
      embroidery frame (de bordar) tambor masculino

    • 1.3frames plural(for spectacles)

      montura femenino
      armazón femenino

  • 2

    cuerpo masculino
  • 3

    • 3.1

      Cine fotograma masculino
      Fotografía fotografía femenino

    • 3.2Televisión

      cuadro masculino

  • 4

    • 4.1Deporte

      (in snooker: unit of play) set masculino
      (in snooker: unit of play) chico masculino Colombia
      (in ten-pin bowling) juego masculino

    • 4.2British Deporte
      (wooden triangle for snooker)

      triángulo masculino

  • 5cold frame

    (for growing plants)
    cama femenino
  • 6EEUU

  • 7also Frame

    marco masculino
    frame masculino

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (picture/photograph) enmarcar
      • Tammy and Greg's wedding picture was framed and hung perfectly on the walls.
      • That is their main purpose, but saving just one of them to be framed or placed in a memory album/scrapbook will create a lasting souvenir of the occasion.
      • Whenever you buy a book or frame a picture for someone else, write a kind note to the recipient on the flap or the back.
      • A number of pictures were framed and presented to schools.
      • Notably, only a few photographs were framed and hung.
      • She framed a picture of Marissa and him from when they were small.
      • Have them framed in vintage style frames for a striking effect.
      • We need them in and developed, mounted and framed by Friday.
      • She frequently hires Tucker to mount and frame art images she finds in publications and on postcards.
      • She had already framed a picture of her and Logan dancing and it sat on her desk.
      • Emmie framed new pictures of them monthly down the hallway of their house.
      • Anyway, on the way home I found the perfect bid of beading (that's like thin timber) to frame a picture I painted on cardboard.
      • These pictures were framed or tipped into yearbooks, hung throughout the clubhouse of the moment, or shelved in a library.
      • In one, students calculated how much framing material was required to frame several pictures.
      • She must have been extra special since you framed her picture and put it in your room.
      • Experts agree the original should be kept in an acid-free photo album in the dark while copies of the photograph are framed.
      • My first step was to cut the print into six pieces so each image could be framed individually.
      • These images were frequently collected and framed by readers.
      • Finally, the images are dry-mounted and framed to his specifications.
      • Try writing her a poem, painting a picture, composing a song, framing a picture, washing the dishes for her or simply spending the day in her company.

    • 1.2

      (scene/face) enmarcar
      (face/scene) encuadrar
      • At the Music Center, another sculpture by Graham, an open bronze door, frames city hall like a formal portrait.
      • The narrow painted borders create a portal or threshold that frames the interior to give the illusion of deep space, a familiar painting convention.
      • Her luscious hair hung about her neck and shoulders, framing an attractive face.
      • Even the gate is a work of art; the rose-covered metal arbor and upward-arching gate create a circle that frames attractive views.
      • With a charming face framed by curly hair, she soon became a star.
      • Her hair was perfectly framing her face and her fit body was tastefully dressed in a sleek black dress.
      • There, the city is framed by the mountains, but not overwhelmed by them.
      • Her brown hair fell in silky waves, the curls artfully framing her face.
      • Iranian women are known for large eyes framed by thick eyelashes, and dark, shapely eyebrows.
      • The idea was to open and frame attractive views of the historic buildings.
      • Again, in the background, one can make out a type of building, and the entire picture is framed by many trees, as opposed to the two trees in the previous picture.
      • Moving images, including those framed by car windows, give us the possibility of seeing landscape as variable rather than fixed, as in landscape paintings.
      • There are many exquisite details, carved doorways, potted plants framed by shaded windows.
      • Her violet eyes were framed by long lashes.
      • Fake crystal chandeliers sparkled above the stage and the performance space was framed by red valour curtains.
      • An L-shaped block of yellow on the left nicely frames the page.
      • He lay in bed looking out of that window, seeing the bougainvillea frame a picture of two golfers at the fifth tee.
      • Shocked, she stops, gathers her robe and advances just a bit, to be framed perfectly in the doorway.
      • As soon as she saw the bright, cheerful face, framed by soft blond curls, she giggled.
      • This beautiful, decrepit city is at its most breathtaking at night, when thousands of lights of the houses on the surrounding hills frame and light up the bay.

  • 2

    • 2.1(compose, draft)

      (agreement/policy/plan) formular
      (plan/agreement/policy) elaborar
      (reply/question/excuse) formular
      • Yet much of the debate over civil liberties in wartime has, to this point, been framed in all-or-nothing terms.
      • All this is true, of course, but framed in quite an amazingly radical way.
      • When the Constitution was framed in 1787, setting out the law of the United States, it involved compromise between North and South and permitted slavery.
      • He and his organisation have clout in framing policy and legislation.
      • I have been heavily involved in framing the strategy over the last ten years so this does not signal any change in that.
      • That is why the attack on Britain's rebate has been framed in terms of concern that the poorer EU entrants should not be asked to pay money to one of the richest European nations.
      • The debate is framed very differently on the two sides of the Atlantic.
      • You are not entrusting the new government the responsibility to frame its own policies in our democratic model.
      • Mr Davern is waiting for the report of the Organic Development Committee, whose recommendations will form the basis for framing policy on organic farming.
      • Indeed it has been said, rather unkindly, this scheme was framed especially to benefit Ireland's jockeys.
      • Conventional explanations of the high cost of space tend to be framed in terms of the laws of physics.
      • For far too many on the left the issue gets framed as a dispute between civil rights and individual rights, with civil rights having the trump card.
      • Against this backdrop of anarchy and violence, politicians attempting to frame the country's new democracy are floundering.
      • This is the first round in framing a recovery plan for fish supplies.
      • He was nevertheless forced to frame his words welcoming the move carefully, to ensure that his political enemies were not given any ammunition they could use against him.
      • Arguments framed in terms of fear may easily be represented as irrational and therefore illegitimate in terms of political debate.
      • Charles, perhaps you could frame this in terms of the business issues.
      • Their focus is on framing the public policy agenda rather than creating useful public policy initiatives.
      • The words were not framed in that rhetorical and hopeless way they often are following news of a tragedy.
      • Your input has helped us frame a policy that will enable us to better serve our diverse community of users around the world.
      • No definite plans were framed for areas outside the capital, but the minister indicated the same principle could be extended nationwide if the Dublin experiment succeeds.
      • What are the arguments and positions needed to formulate and frame the ensuing public policy debate?
      • We need to remind ourselves in framing our policies that luck, rather than virtue, is one of the great determinants of life.
      • The arguments were framed in a very academic fashion.
      • In Bakhtin's view, people frame their speech according to the reactions they hope to produce or the impression they want to make.
      • At the same time, European Union foreign ministers agreed there was much still to be done and that all groups must be included in framing a constitution.
      • A series of Gallup polls from 1982 to 2001 reveal similar findings (although the question was framed differently).
      • It is true that Perelman did not frame his idea in political and critical terms, and that he may have been surprised to see it appropriated in such a way.
      • As an apolitical forum, it should play a key role in framing agricultural policies.
      • I am not a supporter of the censorship of any voice, but I do believe the dialogue must be framed respectfully.
      • It is quite another when he is framing his policy as he has to be responsible to the people and, as such, must be realistic.
      • The original treaty and policies were framed to accommodate the concerns of the founding states, particularly France and Germany.
      • Nor does he bother with minor matters: his interest is only in the larger issues, so it pays to frame questions accordingly.
      • The court has asked the Welfare Commissioner to frame a policy of disbursement in two weeks.
      • But it is the environmentalists who have been most successful in getting the debate framed in words that suit them.
      • Daniel hesitated, trying to frame his words in the nicest possible way.
      • You would definitely frame your words in your own way and pray to the Lord for me.
      • That's the basis on which we shall frame our policy for the next general election.
      • The major reported sticking point is the manner in which a profit-sharing formula is to be framed.
      • Instead, you need to frame and word your question precisely to get what you want.

    • 2.2(mouth)

      (words) formar

  • 3coloquial

    (incriminate unjustly)
    I was framed me tendieron una trampa para incriminarme
    • He concludes that conspiracy theories about wills and a police attempt to frame Slater were nonsense, but the true killer may never be known.
    • Informers have been caught framing innocent people.
    • Payne is framed again for a crime he didn't commit.
    • David can't tell Keith what he knows about the murder because he doesn't want to tell him that there's been evidence planted that frames Keith.
    • Nobody will be surprised to learn, I assume, that recent scholarship indicates he was framed.
    • He is then framed for a murder and is forced to go on the run, being chased by spies and the police.
    • He'd heard it all before - another murder convict claiming he was framed.
    • Is he guilty or has he been framed by radical right-wingers?
    • Soon they are trying to piece together why they were framed and how to escape from their life of imprisonment!
    • You don't know what it's like to be framed for a murder!
    • He claimed another criminal who ran a cannabis farm with Taylor was behind the killing, but that detectives manipulated evidence to frame him.
    • I cannot believe I've been framed for a crime I didn't commit.
    • They framed an innocent guy and sent him to death row for murder.
    • Sam had figured out that Brigid, in a plan to frame Thursby, had drawn Archer into the alleyway and killed him with Thursby's weapon.
    • The administration is trying to frame a guilty man and lead a lynch mob to execute him.
    • He later learns that he was framed and unjustly imprisoned.
    • As the story is revealed, Bloom begins to develop a need to peel away the veneer surrounding his incarceration, becoming adamant that he has been framed.
    • Although it was revealed during the trial that he was a drug smuggler, he was also a gun-obsessed thug who repeatedly claimed the police framed him for violence and sex offences.
    • But the 75-year-old man says the army and police are framing him.
    • He claims that he was framed and that he was innocent.