Traducción de frame-up en Español:


montaje, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfreɪm ˌəp///



  • 1

    montaje masculino
    • The disclosure of more details will let the public know that he really committed the offence with indisputable evidence and there were no elements of a frame-up or political conspiracy.
    • He called the prosecution case against him a frame-up that is part of a government-inspired persecution stretching back decades.
    • He denied the charges and accused the government of orchestrating a frame-up.
    • Racist and anti-communist prejudice was the glue which kept these dirty frame-ups from crumbling.
    • When he witnesses yet another murder being committed by his client, intimidation, kidnapping, and a vicious frame-up conspire to try to keep him from telling what he knows.
    • Now that the frame-up of the Egyptian has fallen apart, the whole cover-up has also fallen apart.
    • More stridently he asserted that the evidence of the State appeared to be ‘a frame-up.’
    • Significantly, in the vast majority of these cases, the victims of police frame-up confessed rather than take their chances in the court system.
    • A campaign against the frame-up was immediately launched by the International Labor Defense, the legal and defense arm of the US Communist Party.
    • Almost from the outset, their arrest showed signs of being a frame-up.
    • The accusations of sabotage are being viewed among workers as a crude frame-up attempt, aimed at creating conditions to sack the crew and bypass the court.
    • But it did not occur to me that there could be a mistake, that he could be innocent, let alone the victim of a frame-up.
    • If it was intended to become part of a frame-up, it was sloppily done.
    • The case against the youth is a blatant frame-up.
    • That the timing of the youths' arrests was politically motivated and the charges against them are a frame-up is underscored by the fact that the police concede that they have had the group under surveillance for months.
    • So far we don't have sufficient evidence to decide whether he committed a crime or whether it was a frame-up or a political conspiracy.
    • In a very significant departure from established law, the Act reverses the burden of proof, overturning a basic protection against police frame-up.
    • When he disappears, and she eventually tries to find and help him, she too becomes enmeshed in the state frame-up against her husband.
    • The three protested loudly that this was foul play and a shameless frame-up, but even if they can have all the words in the world to say, it was a waste of time in front of the well-scripted policemen.
    • He and his family immediately claimed he was the victim of a frame-up by his in-laws, but the press reported that the police viewed this as highly unlikely.