Traducción de frankly en Español:


francamente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈfraŋkli//ˈfræŋkli/


  • 1

    (answer/speak) francamente
    (answer/speak) con toda sinceridad
    (speak/answer) con toda franqueza
    • With my most eloquent voice I asked her, quite frankly, if she'd lost her dog.
    • As an Independent councillor he will be able to express frankly what Walcot people say they need
    • Go to any campus and ask students what they think about the political party and they will frankly tell you.
    • At the very first knock, both the student leaders came out of the room and talked to me very frankly.
    • I can tell you quite frankly that the stuff from our childhoods is not to be blamed on us.
    • Last night, in an interview to accompany the new portrait, the prince spoke frankly about both issues.
    • Mirza's desire to speak so frankly about certain aspects of Islamic culture has upset some people.
    • It was so unbelievably, horrifically brilliant that we were frankly worried we might have dreamt it.
    • It is time that the parish council told council tax payers what is going on - openly and frankly.
  • 2

    para serle franco