Traducción de fraternal en Español:


de camaradería, adj.

Pronunciación /frəˈtərnl//frəˈtəːn(ə)l/


  • 1

    (visit) de camaradería
    (visit) cordial
    (greeting) cordial
    • The fraternal duo have established themselves as one of Britain's most original electronic acts, gaining a reputation for excellent live shows and ambitious recordings.
    • Here, he uses the metaphor of the moon to reflect the dark side of all human relations-this time, in a semi-autobiographical take on fraternal friction.
    • He never betrayed the solemn fraternal oath he and his brothers swore before their mother Sheikha Salaama not to murder each other.
    • This fraternal tension stresses Philippe, especially now that their mother has died, because André is the only family he has left.
    • Our disagreements are fraternal, and we support each other whenever there are judicial problems.
    • Monogamy is the norm, although some Tibetan-speaking peoples practice fraternal polyandry (two brothers may marry the same woman).
    • Younger brother Prince Khurram promptly had him killed, as fraternal ambitions were not to be encouraged, even though the wretched Prince Khusrau was blind.
    • How I reconcile this with impending fraternal birthday present purchasing, imminent Christmas gift buying, forthcoming silly season drunkenness and my existing overdraft and credit card debt, I really do not know.
    • Their quirky relationship oscillates between paternal and fraternal, part father-son, part Wright brothers.
    • The fraternal filmmaking team manages to make crass, stupid, lurid jokes, while also maintaining a heart and evoking old-fashioned schmaltz.
    • Again and again, the treacherous brother in the fraternal allegory puts personal, material ambition over ‘natural’ family loyalty, law and order, spiritual and communal values.
    • But then Barkulkul deviates from fraternal expectations-he kills his brother, plants him like a long yam and covers his corpse with a bunch of bananas.
    • Henri spent the last eleven years of his life nourishing genius, both with his cuisine and with the fraternal devotion of a big brother.
    • Sketching the plot of the film calls to mind any number of archetypal/hackneyed tales of fraternal rivalry, flight from danger, coming of age, and so on.
    • But it never seemed to matter too much, because the films were so undeniably zany and the fraternal team was so outrageously screwy that none of that other stuff mattered.
    • Despite John's objections to psychological explanations, the mother functions as the sexualized prize and arbiter in this fraternal rivalry when the brothers come to blows on her doorstep.
    • Looking down my list, it struck me that all of my chosen stories are about love in some of its myriad forms: romantic, fraternal, perverse, unrequited, frustrated, self-sacrificing and destructive.
    • No, it does not achieve the sensation of the friend's living embrace or the shock of a fraternal admonition.
    • You cannot shield yourselves too much against the jealousies and heartburnings which spring from these misrepresentations; they tend to render alien to each other those who ought to be bound together by fraternal affection.
    • Not romantic love, of course, but fraternal love.
  • 2

    (of brothers)
    (love) fraternal
    (love) fraterno
    (jealousy) entre hermanos
    fraternal twins gemelos bivitelinos / falsos masculino