Traducción de fraudster en Español:


autor de fraude, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfrɔːdstə//ˈfrɔdstər/


  • 1

    autor de fraude masculino
    autora de fraude femenino
    defraudador masculino
    defraudadora femenino
    • This month and during the January sales, at least 400 million will fall into the hands of fraudsters and thieves.
    • The result was a two-tier system in which some white-collar fraudsters escaped justice, while blue collar fraudsters were prosecuted.
    • If the business agrees, the fraudsters will then cold-call the public, but pocket any cash raised and vanish.
    • He was a crook - a thief and a fraudster whose empire was a house of cards that existed only to generate the cash that lined the pockets of his expensive suits.
    • Crooked business people, fraudsters and other white-collar criminals may also have an unwitting say in the early days of the infant currency.
    • The fraudsters reportedly used previously stolen identities to set up the fake firms, lending them an air of credibility and a certain resistance to scrutiny.
    • Identity fraud is where fraudsters use personal details to order credit cards and check books in the name of someone else.
    • But Christmas is a boom time for fraudsters and thieves, who particularly favour those shoppers who are careless with their credit cards.
    • He said the fraudsters would target businesses that did not have adequate safety systems in place and they would look for and exploit those weaknesses.
    • Another method is cold calling where fraudsters ring up and pretend to be from a bank and purporting to be upgrading security systems to get personal details out of people.
    • Pensioners whose hopes were raised almost beyond belief by news of a £2.8million windfall have condemned fraudsters behind the scam.
    • These people are cheats, fraudsters, charlatans and hoaxers.
    • When one is dealing with fraudsters and scam artists, there is almost no chance of ever getting the money back.
    • It also discovered that lax security practices by consumers and small business are giving fraudsters a base from which to launch attacks.
    • Hotels and restaurants are being urged to beware, after businesses were targeted by two different fraudsters trying to con them out of cash.
    • It sounds incredible but last year 56,000 families discovered that a fraudster had masqueraded as a loved one after their death in order to take out credit cards and loans.
    • Where the fraudster has perpetrated the fraud by drawing cheques on the customer's account, the victim's cause of action is usually for the conversion of the cheques involved.
    • The UK's telecoms industry needs to weed out the fraudsters and scammers ripping off punters or face the threat of the plug being pulled on the premium rate industry.
    • People's unfamiliarity with the new money is likely to attract counterfeiters and fraudsters.
    • Another scam involves a fraudster calling a bank and informing them that a company's contact details have changed, and then telling the company that the bank's details have changed.